How to Remove a Nest Thermostat From a Wall In 2021

Remove a Nest Thermostat

When you get ready to take the Nest thermostat out of the wall, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. These instructions will help you remove the thermostat safely. This is something that you might have to do if you are going to take the unit outside. Otherwise, you will want to follow these instructions to take the unit out of the wall. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while you are removing the thermostat from the wall.

Do not just remove it from the wall. You will want to first plug the unit in. Then turn it on so that it knows where to find the house power. It can then be removed from the wall. Do this for both the interior and exterior thermostat.

Before you can remove the nest thermostat from the wall, you will need to take it apart. This might be a little difficult but you will be able to handle it. The first thing that you will want to do is take off all of the wires. These wires are what power the device. If you cannot seem to take them off without causing damage to the wires or the entire unit, you will need to contact a professional.

Once you have removed all of the wires from the thermostat, remove the card that holds the thermostat in place. This should be fairly easy, because most units have a catch in the center. You will have to pop this out. Now it is time to remove the unit from the wall. You should do this by either lifting the whole unit up with brackets or hooking one end onto a door knob.

Once you have taken the thermostat off, you can take it apart. You can either try to use a screwdriver between the wires or simply use your hands. It will help if you know how to remove the connectors that are attached to the thermostat as well. Once all of the parts are apart you will need to reconnect the wires. Make sure to keep the thermostat secure on the wall so you can replace it if necessary.

When you take the nest thermostat apart, you will notice that the wires are exposed. You can easily remove these and attach them to the wall when they are all reconnected. When you replace the thermostat to make sure to keep the wires secure to ensure that the new thermostat fits correctly.

After you have replaced the thermostat it is important that you test it to make sure it works correctly. If it does not work correctly you should call a repairman or take it to your local heating and air company. They will take a look at it and then give you a price for labor. If you cannot afford them right away, you can call around to some companies and see if they will give you a deal. You may find a company that will give you a discount because you have been through their training program or because they think that your home needs it.

Installing a new nest thermostat is not hard and anyone can do it. This is why they are so popular today. They are safe and efficient and will save you money during the cold months. There is no reason why you should have to spend more than you have to on heating your home during the winter. This simple investment will make a huge difference and you will be glad that you removed that nest thermostat from a wall.