How To Remove A Dresser Drawer That Uses A Center Metal Slide

Remove A Dresser Drawer

In case you are one of the many people out there looking for how to remove a dresser drawer that uses a metal slide, this article is definitely worth reading. It’s a fact that all types of drawers can be very problematic when it comes to getting them to come off. This is especially the case if the drawers are made from materials such as wood. Read on to find out how to easily take off these types of dressers without causing any damage to the inside or the outside.

You need to first know that most of the times, these types of drawers are held in place with the help of nuts and bolts. Once you have loosened up these nuts and bolts, you can easily remove them. To start with, start by removing the bottommost drawer on the unit. It is advisable to first loosen the fasteners located on the bottom before you go to the topmost one. Once you have located the fasteners, unscrew them from their corresponding latches and pull them out.

Once you have done so, take the drawer apart. On each side, locate the metal slides and unscrew them from their corresponding latches. After which, slide them out.

Now, once you have removed all the slides, you can proceed to dismantling the rest of the dresser drawer. Start by removing all the metal clips attached to the dresser drawers. You can use a set of thin metal scissor to do this job. Once you have successfully removed all the metal clips, you may now undo the dresser drawer and separate it from the rest of the unit.

Next, take out all the drawers attached to the same side of the drawer. Unfasten the dresser drawers from its respective side. Once you have unfastened it, you may separate these drawers from the entire unit. If you are facing problems, you may try to take out the drawer all together and then reconnect it with the other side. This would also work well if the drawers are connected by metal clips.

Now that the drawer is separated from the rest of the unit, you may proceed to take out the drawer slides. These slides are screwed into the walls and are very hard to remove. However, with some patience and carefulness, you would be able to pry it out. For this task, it is better to have an adjustable wrench or a pair of locking pliers.

Lastly, you have to detach the metal slide from the bottom of the dresser drawer. For this purpose, you may either use a pair of locking pliers or an adjustable wrench. Once you have taken out the metal slide, you may twist it out and remove the whole drawers from the unit. However, you should take care not to hurt yourself as the drawers are quite heavy. After removing all the drawers from the dresser drawer unit, you have to check the condition of the dresser drawer slides.

With the help of the screw driver and your anti-static wrist strap, you have to locate the screws on the unit which have been concealed by the padding. You have to use the flat head screwdriver for this job. Remove each screw one at a time and then attach the mounting strap to the unit. Reattach the mounting straps and you are done with the job of removing a dresser drawer.

Another important step in the task of removing a drawer is to locate the metal slides. The metal slides are screwed into the walls behind the drawer unit and they can be accessed easily through a long screw. However, if the screws are damaged or stripped, you may need to replace them. Also, remember to avoid using too much force as it can cause serious injury.

After locating all the slides, you have to pull them out from the drawer. You may either lift them out with the help of the handles or you can use the soft cloth to remove the trapped dirt. If the slides are badly damaged, you can go ahead and replace them. However, in case you have damaged the metal slide, you should remove the damaged ones first and replace it with the new ones.

Then you have to pull the drawer back completely and set it aside. Now, you have to install the dresser drawer base unit according to the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure proper functioning of the drawers. With this, you can easily replace the drawer slides and start enjoying the beauty and elegance of your beloved dresser units.