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Install a Home Security System: 5 Reasons to Make It Happen Today

Install a Home Security System 5 Reasons to Make It Happen Today

Daylight faded as the Sun took a dip into the ocean. The streets were dimly lit with street lights not able to gaze through the winter cold. Everything looked deserted. Some laid in their comfortable beds under layers of animal skin, some were off vacationing in Summers far east. Perfect for a heist. Before Sunlight […]

5 Things You Must Consider Before Buying/Installing a CCTV Camera

Installing a CCTV Camera

Safety is a big concern nowadays. Technology, social media, tight connectivity among people are some of the reasons why the number of burglary cases, lynching and snatching have increased at a steep rate. Both commercial and residential demands for home security systems and smart home surveillance cameras are growing at a fast rate in order […]

How Irish Homeowners Have Been Victims of Vandalism

Home is one of the most important and precious assets in our lives. But being a homeowner in most of the residential areas of Ireland is like a nightmare. People have been the victim of various malicious activities for lots of years. Even after the government is taking strict actions to reduce this issue, the […]