Simple & Affordable Ways To Increase Security and Protect Your Home

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Protect Your Home

Increase security and protect your home

It is a depressing fact that within our society, crime is continuing to rise on a daily basis. More often than not, on a day to day basis we tend not to pay much attention to it until you or someone you know becomes a victim.

With all properties having the potential to draw the attention of would be intruders at some point in time, it is essential that adequate precautions are taken to protect yourselves.

With a whole host of precautions available, some small and relatively cheap, some large and expensive, every little security precaution you take will play a part in the bigger picture of securing the home.

High Quality Locks

Ensuring high quality locks are installed to all doors and windows will provide peace of mind that entry points to the home are secure. For vulnerable access points such as the rear of a property or where the home is not overlooked, the addition of extra locks may be necessary to keep out unwanted visitors.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting connected to sensors provide a means of warning that someone may be outside although after a period of time, with animals and the wind  triggering them, many homeowners stop paying attention. Lights that are on constantly during the dark nights are often more effective as they can deter a criminal from attempting to sneak round in the darkness in the first place.

Security Roller Shutters

As an additional security precaution, many homeowners are increasingly turning to more visual forms of physical security barriers such as roller shutters. Once installed over windows or doors, they provide a virtually impenetrable barrier that will prevent all but the most determined of thieves getting past them.

Secure Garage Door

Having a well secured garage door is important because many homes store valuable items inside them. With expensive tools, lawnmowers and garden furniture all being of high value they are rich picking for criminals. As such, replacing old doors with more modern and secure roller shutter doors will leave the garage far more secure and much less of a potential target.

Alarm System

Whilst an alarm may not add extra physical security to the home, should someone gain access inside, the loud siren will more than likely deter the intruders from hanging about for too long. Also, the sound will alert neighbors or passers by who may potentially call the police.

If you choose to go down this method, be sure to have it professionally installed so that all the sensors are located in the correct position so as to detect movement. You don’t want to spend money on an expensive system for it to be rendered useless at a critical moment.

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