5 Things You Must Consider Before Buying/Installing a CCTV Camera

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Installing a CCTV Camera

Safety is a big concern nowadays. Technology, social media, tight connectivity among people are some of the reasons why the number of burglary cases, lynching and snatching have increased at a steep rate. Both commercial and residential demands for home security systems and smart home surveillance cameras are growing at a fast rate in order to ensure a 360-degree safety and head count security. According to a report, the demand for these technologically superior devices are expected to grow by 9%, which indicates a whopping jump of $2.1 billion in the revenue by 2022. Moreover, the competitive pressures due to the presence of equally stronger brands is expected to bring down the prices of most models available. Considering the incredible growth of these equipment and the advantages associated, probably it is time to get one commissioned at your place as well. But, with so much in-hand, it is difficult to make a choice. Which equipment is good? What brand should I consider? Pretty tall order to live up-to, huh?

Here are 5 things to consider before making that big purchase:

  • Type of Camera

It is important that you stay abreast of the latest technology and upgrades in this domain. CCTV cameras come in various models with each having its own special technical specifications, installation process, and coverage area defined according to its focus range. These aspects to a home security device help consumer understand the type of camera they want to go with. For instance, the new-age Day/Night cameras, wireless cameras, and high-definition cameras are apt for luxurious residential areas, high-end hotels, restaurants, and even sport auditoriums. If that is your area of expertise and interest. For cozy and home-like environment, definitely choose between wireless, C-Mount or even Night Vision Cameras.

Bottom Line: It all boils down to the needs, demand and the setting.

  • The Price

“Cheap does not always equal Effective”, let this sink in. Your aim should be to fetch greater results on this investment and something that suits your budget and does not leave you high and dry. Make an appropriate plan and invest into a good quality, high-end and latest models of entry-level surveillance cameras, which also leaves scope for further camera or settings’ addition. Investing into an unknown brand, poor CCTV camera services or even a cheap old model are some of the reasons behind consumers despair or buyer’s remorse. A reputed company or CCTV brand will be able to offer you better services, guarantee, and a lot of other technical benefits. 

Bottom Line: Make this a lush one-time investment.

  • Scope of Imaging

This goes back to the point number 1 but let us dig in further. While you choose a camera for home or a business setting, decide what you want them to focus on. Is it the parking lot, certain rooms of the set-up, your garden area, your old parents’ room or stay-ins, stay-alone pets or something entirely different? The consumer demand is fairly placed in tandem with everything that is available in the market. Although no camera in this world has the ability to match the clarity and intensity of the human eyes, you still have a perfect range of cameras that come with in-built technical settings, 360-degrees vision, lighting conditions, and capturing angles.  

Bottom Line: Decide what you want to put in focus.

  • Lighting Support

Out of many important things one need to consider before buying these gadgets, this is the one important aspect many miss taking care of- the lighting support. Why is it important? It is because every customer has different concerns and demands. For instance, people buy cameras and later regret not putting emphasis on the night vision, lighting settings in a darker area and so on. Sometimes, the camera comes with settings that lets it record everything colorful during the day and rest black & night during nighttime. So, if this is not something you want, then make sure you ask the dealer or the CCTV camera services for better night visions, image qualities during on cloudy days and so on.

Bottom Line: Night support and better vision during night is important

  • Questions for Services

Discussing with the CCTV services professionals about hidden costs, overhead charges, camera angle positioning and your own expectations will never hurt anybody. You will have to seek advice from these professionals who are in the business for quite some time now. These professionals shall help you with understanding various aspects to this installation:

  • Procedure to search or view a footage
  • Full picture quality ad (or) similar settings
  • Charges pertinent to after-sale services (out of guarantee period)
  • Advanced capabilities of the camera

Home security systems can add value to your life, only when you have the zeal to understand the settings, advanced technology and safety measures. Otherwise, it is no more than a device that captures image and stores it. Make best use of this purchase and ask as much questions as possible. 

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