When Should You Feel Your Baby Moving?

When Should You Feel Your Baby Moving

A lot of people ask themselves when should you feel your baby moving? There are various reasons why a baby would make a sound when they are moving. The more you know about these sounds, the better prepared you will be to help them with their move when it happens. Some of the most common answers to when should you feel your baby moving are:

When your baby starts to wake up from sleep, you will begin to hear rips and cracks. This is when your baby is waking up and beginning to move around. You can listen for this sound when you are sitting on the bed or laying down. If the baby moves suddenly and loudly, then you are in tune with when should you feel your baby moving. You may have already felt their movement when they first started to wake up when you were sleeping.

Another common question asked by many is when should you feel your baby moving when you are doing certain activities. The funny thing is, that all of us move differently. We all have muscles that some of us feel more easily than others. Some of us can get to the point where we feel like we are going to move when we turn or bend. We don’t always have to move our bodies fully out of sync with the rest of ourselves to move. If you are doing an activity that makes you tired and sore, you can start to feel your baby moving as you are getting more tired.

When your baby is getting restless from sleep, you might feel your baby moving as you are trying to get her back into a good sleeping position. This again is when your baby is probably tired and just wants to settle down for the night. If you are still holding her when she wakes up, and she seems very tired, you probably want to set her in a different sleep pattern. Moving your kids to another position often calms her down.

One last common question asked is when should you feel your baby moving when you are feeding her? Your baby will be less alert if you are moving from one side of the room to another when feeding your baby. You can actually hear her stirring when you are sitting next to her and feeding her. Just continue with the same action each time you are putting food in her mouth.

As you can see, answering the question when you feel your baby moving has a lot of variables. It really depends on what you are doing, when your baby is waking up, and how she is feeling. There really is no “right” answer as each of these situations will be different for every baby.

Now that you know some of the answers to when you should feel your moving, you are in a better position to prevent this problem when it happens. Be sure to only place your baby in high chairs, on blankets, or bedding that are deemed safe for her to move around on. Be sure to monitor her movements to see that she is not getting hurt or she has stopped moving altogether. If she does stop moving, try to let her rest for a while. Resting will help keep her stimulated while at the same time letting you know that she is feeling fine.

If none of the above suggestions help you with the question when you should feel your baby moving, you may need to go see your doctor. There are some medical reasons when a baby could be moving that do not have anything to do with moving. A blocked airway, rare structural problems, and brain damage can all be reasons that your baby could be having when it moves. When you seek out medical advice, you will be able to determine the exact cause of the issue and take steps to correct it.

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