Using Tile in Your Home Decor

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Colourful Kitchen Backsplash

When it comes to home decorating, you probably think of paint colours and fabric options. However, there’s another material you should strongly consider to add pizazz and style to your home. Tile is an excellent decorating choice that can be used in any room. Here are a few projects to help you add colour to the home while also making it easier to maintain.

The walls above your sink and stove tend to get dirty. Water, food and grease splash onto the wall regularly, so you need something that can be scrubbed. Simple high-gloss paint would work, but you can add more colour and style with tile. Resistant to heat and staining, ceramic or natural stone tiles are easy to clean and will look beautiful as a backsplash. Use glass mosaics to reflect more light around the room, or invest in an artistic mosaic to safely put a lovely picture above the stove.

Kitchen Counters

If your kitchen counter has seen better days but there is no money in the budget for a replacement, consider covering it in mosaic tiles. Thin, lightweight tiles can be installed directly onto a counter top that is stained, marred and damaged. The impressive new surface will transform your kitchen and make it look like a new room. Use patch filler to make sure your counter is perfectly smooth before starting, and be sure to seal the tiles and grout afterwards to avoid problems with stains and mold.

Tile Fireplaces

Tile Fireplaces

Fireplace surrounds were traditionally made of brick, but you can give yours a clean, sophisticated look with beautiful tile. Installed on the fireplace surround and hearth, the tile is easy to clean and care for. Pair it with a beautiful wood mantle for an elegant fireplace that suits any home style.

Matching Floors and Bathtub Aprons

If you are installing a luxurious new bathtub, then you may need to cover the side of it. Bathtubs come with pre-fitted aprons that attach to the side and hide the base of the tub, but you can cover this surface with stunning tiles that match the floor. If you have a small bathroom, the area will instantly feel more spacious and sophisticated.

Amazing Medallions

Mosaic tile medallions are a form of art. Worked into a stunning pattern, a tile medallion becomes the focal point of any area. Large foyers that need something special are the perfect place for a medallion. Set into a tile floor or even nestled into the centre of a wood floor, medallions add visual interest and an amazing feel to the floor. They can also be used on walls as an permanent piece of art that will always grace the home.

Exterior Entry

Your front porch is probably covered with wood or concrete, but you can make it cleaner and more attractive with beautiful tile. Natural stone tiles like marble and travertine are appropriate for exterior use. They can withstand the sun, will handle the rain and some can even stand up to freezing temperatures. The tiles are easier to clean than concrete, and they won’t hold dust. Even a modest and simple home will feel more sophisticated when natural stone tiles are on the front porch to greet visitors.

Elegant Framework

Surround bathroom mirrors and kitchen windows with an elegant tile frame. A beautiful addition that adds colour and style, it’s also easy to clean the tile when you scrub the mirror or window. It makes a small fixture feel larger, and the entire room will seem more impressive with the addition of tile.

Home Accessories

Tiles don’t have to be used as permanent additions. If you have an incredible tile that you love, you can turn it into a trivet by adding raised feet to the bottom of it. Square four-inch bathrooms tiles are fantastic coasters, and you can let the kids paint them as a craft project.

Colourful ceramic tiles and timeless natural stone tiles can be used throughout your home as part of your décor. They aren’t just for floors, and you will love how easy walls are to clean when they are protected by tiles. Installed on the front porch, they make the home feel more elegant. Use them on the bathtub apron to visually enlarge the room, and make any mirror look more impressive with a tile surround. When you are decorating the home, look beyond paint colours and upholster to include tile in your decorating plans.

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