How to Get The Most Out of Your Garage Space

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Garage Space

There is no room in the modern home that suffers more from misuse and neglect than the garage. Garages serve as a quick and easy hiding spot when you are doing the mad dash to clean up before your visitors arrive and as a general dumping ground for items that are in need of short term storage. It is usually the first choice over the basement or attic due to its easy accessibility. But it is that same easy accessibility and it’s functionality as an entrance or exit that makes garage messes loom so large in our consciousness. A cluttered attic or basement just seems more remote for some reason while the garage mess is always looming in the foreground. For many of us, the garage gets treated this way because its purpose is undefined. If it is not storing a car, then what is it? Without a focus or purpose it becomes an object of neglect. So why not re-purpose the space to something more fun?

Workout Room

A workout room or exercise center is a great garage substitute. Whether your workout tastes run to free weights, machines, the treadmill or even yoga, most garages are spacious enough to accommodate your routines. You’ll want to consider good shock resistant flooring if your workout includes anything high impact or aerobic. Music is a must for many exercise enthusiasts so get ready to mount some speakers and with prices dropping on flat screen TV’s, most people can fit one of these into their budgets. Since many people count on exercise as a primary tool for stress relief you might want to consider adding a punching bag. What better way to blow off steam at the end of a tough workday than to pound out some aggression on a helpless heavy-bag?

Home Office

Many people who decide to renovate their garages choose to turn them into a home office. A home office is not just for people who work full time from home. This modern life entails all kinds of paperwork whether it is tax related or something as simple as managing the household budget. It is aesthetically unpleasing to mix in workspace items like a computer and printer into your normal living space. And for many people, it is hard to relax with work related items in sight whether it’s in the bedroom or the living room. Out of sight means out of mind and it is mentally healthy to keep some distance between your work and your relaxation. But while a workout space can be rougher around the edges, it is important for your work space to be more polished. You will want to install some quality flooring, insulation and wall covering. Keep this in mind that lighting is important when considering your wall and ceiling surface. Choose ergonomically designed furnishings so that your time spent working does not leave you in pain.

Entertainment Center

One of the best options is to re-purpose your garage space as an entertainment center, better known as the man cave. Quality walls, insulation, floors and ceilings are a must. Throw in a large screen television, surround sound theater and an entertainment console and you can bring Hollywood home to you every night. A refrigerator is a must to keep you and your guests refreshed and for those more interested in imbibing, why not throw in a wet bar? Most garages have plenty of room to accommodate the entertainment center with room for a pool table, dartboard or ping pong table as well.

If none of these options are right for you then it might be best to just fix up your garage. Most garages are unfinished, ugly messes to start with so it is easy to just leave them as messy. It is harder to tolerate clutter and mess if you spruce the place up with a nice workbench, tool cabinet and proper shelving. A nasty old floor is going to look rotten whether you sweep it or not. But a nice shining painted floor at least has the potential to look nice.

Regardless of what you decide you can see here that is really no good excuse for leaving your messy clutter garage as is. Take the plunge and start your transition to a new garage today!

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