Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions For Architects and Builders

Architects and Builders

Today’s clients are quite smart and knowledgeable. They do have many questions to ask. In case, if they get satisfying answers to their questions from the architects and builders, then they go-ahead to hire them. It would be ideal if you are already prepared to answer those questions.

Here, we are going to make easy for you mentioning those prominent questions and answers. Let us check it out more about it.  

What Do You Think Regarding Low- Maintenance and Energy Efficient 

This time clients have also become quite environment conscious. They probably would prefer to ask how you are going to do with the most important key terms called Low-maintenance and energy-efficient. It helps to save the environment and money both in the best ways. 

  • The more you show the low maintenance options, the chances are better to have more clients. 
  • Energy-efficient has also emerged as an ideal option to consider.

If Any Valuable References Are Available

References are called the sample work if says in simple words. No one will show interest if you do not have valuable references. Your clients always want to know more about your previous work in order to accumulate more information making sure that you are the right platform to call. In case you are new to the field, you may show the work you have done for your new clients or the on-going projects. 

  • It introduces your impressive side to the client
  • References say a lot about your business to convince the clients to choose you.

Having Authentic Experience In The Context Of The Project I Am Looking For 

Your client also wants to know if you have any authentic experience regarding the project you are looking for. It would be ideal if you keep preparing your portfolio emphasizing the different categories. Make sure that you are having enough images, insights as well as experience to earn the trust of your customers. 

Having Licence and Insurance

It does not matter what business you are, having license and insurance are essential to have. You must be ready with your license and insurance. It shows that you are authentic persons to do business with. Make sure that you are having contractor licenses. 

  • The license goes with your authenticity 
  • It helps to build up a strong image at the forefront

Would You Like To Recommend A Builder or architect 

These days potential clients also show interest to go with the option of building a custom home. They may prefer to know about any architect whom you would like to prefer. In case if you have any then keep their portfolio, work sample images, and a contact number so that you can share with them. They probably would also like to ask if you know about Natural Stone Pavers or Best Stone Supplier from where you can buy the best quality material.

  • Recommending others also makes your clients trust you

Time Duration It Would Take To Design or Build Your Home/Building 

Your clients would prefer to know how much time does it take ideally to design or build your home. Generally, it takes only 10 months to build a home for a single-family. On the other hand, the custom-based home takes a bit more time since there are many things to keep in mind. You must be honest while answering your clients since it leads to earning their trust for a long time.

  • The accurate time duration helps the client to make a better decision 
  • You must be honest while sharing anything regarding the time duration

How Many Project You Are Working On 

Your clients also would like to know how many projects you are currently handling. The prominent reasons they want to know is this – they actually wish to check how much you are demanding currently and how much time you can invest in their project.

  • It would be ideal if you put about your current projects on your website 
  • An impressive portfolio can do a lot of things

How Much A Client Needs To Put Effort Into The Project 

Some clients prefer to go deeply into their project as they do have enough time and energy. On the other hand, some might not be looked that way much into because of not having that much time. You may share more with them exactly how they want to be into the project. 

  • Do accordingly your clients want to make them happy and satisfied 
  • Always do proceed with taking your client’s feedback to bring more satisfaction to them

Fee Structure and The Way Of Making Payments

Your clients would also prefer to know about the fee structure and the way of making payments. It is also ideal to make clear everything right in the starting so that you would not have to get into any kind of potential legal trouble later on. Do clear with them what kind of payment structure you would like to go with.

  • Prepare a proper agreement would be quite helpful in this regarding 
  • Discussing fee structure right in the starting can eradicate a lot of confusions

What It Would Be The Way Of Tracking Records Regarding The Project Accomplishment

It is a nice question to ask from the client side that how they would get to know about their project’s development. Do let them know that if you are going to put them a mail, over a phone call or using any other advanced technique. Make sure that you would remain on your words while saying any time since trust is everything in business. 

  • Go with advanced ways to bring more transparency between you and your clients 
  • Keep informing them about even the minute details so that they can find themselves at peace.


Your customers must remain satisfied with your work experience so that you can have more projects. Moreover, it also helps to build up long term business relationships. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the best option.

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