Salient Features of Bifold Shower Doors and Cubicles

bifold shower doors and cubicles

Shower doors and cubicles are available in various types. You will require to choose the most appropriate option as per your own preference and restroom layout.  Among all options for you. The bifold shower doors and cubicles, can be a preferred choice due to their space saving and aesthetically pleasing characteristics. 

Unlike a decade or two before, the number of choices for shower cubicles and doors has significantly increased. People have more freedom to exercise their preference in terms of shower doors and cubicles. Not to mention, the internet has made it utterly easier for homeowners to get in touch with new design trends. That is allowing them to make a wise decision when it comes to picking a shower cubicle.

In case you keep yourself updated with modern trends for home interior design, you’d know the hype around bifold shower doors and cubicles. For those who don’t know, bi-fold shower doors are getting a higher demand from customers across many European nations. Let’s discuss what bi-fold shower doors actually are:

Bi-Fold Shower Door and Cubicle


Shower stalls come in an extensive range of shapes. The majority of the models are different on either the kind of door installed or the structure of the cubicle. For instance, the bi-fold shower cubicles, the doors that foldable at hinges neatly providing maximum entrance area into the cubicle.

Unlike sliding or gliding doors that open up partially, bi-fold doors fold alongside the wall providing the entire space to yourself. Apart from making it easier for all to enter and exit the enclosure. The bi-fold shower door and cubicle make up a ideal fit for modern-day and contemporary spaces. Their sleek and modern outlook revitalizes the aesthetics of your bathroom completely.

You may have different shapes of the cubicles available for you but not every shower door can suite your option for cubicle shape. 

Select the Perfect Bi-fold Shower Door Cubicle

To make sure you stay satisfied with your purchase decision even after the installation, there are certain things you must ensure beforehand. Let’s go through each one, one by one.

  • Keep your safety and comfort before anything else while choosing a bathroom. In other words, make sure the glass is of optimum thickness that offers maximum sturdiness to the enclosure.
  • Accessibility of the shower enclosure is another factor that must be kept in mind when going shopping. No matter what shower door you select, it should have higher accessibility offering zero hurdles while entering or exiting the cubicle.
  • Shower doors and cubicles need to be durable enough to last for years. It’s not just the glass you need to be worried about, keep an eye out for other parts such as the quality of railing, magnetic catchers, and type of rollers installed.

Last but not the least, on top of the functionality and usefulness in your everyday life, shower area cubicles requires to be attractive and aesthetically pleasing. They require to appealing enough to enhance the entire outlook of your restroom. When you opt for the appropriate or suitable cubicle, you won’t need to go for additional fixtures for a bathroom renovation because they alone can refresh the interior design. Foldable doors do that job perfectly.  

Bifold Shower Doors and Cubicles –Compatibility.

The bifold shower doors and cubicles are generally a preferred pick for the space where you have less area. For example, if you are planning to install shower screens in the alcove to turn it into an enclosure, or between two walls, or convert the corner into an enclosure, then bifold shower door should be your preferred choice. That is because of the no clearance space requirements in the bathroom. If we consider different shapes of the shower enclosures, then a bifold shower door will be a perfect choice for quadrant shower enclosure. It will help with the space saving that you may need for small bathroom. In addition to that you may equally prefer a bifold door for square or rectangular enclosure for make your cubicle a style statement in the bathroom. Versatility is a big reason why you should prefer these shower doors. 

  • For Alcove and Bathroom Corner. You may not realize but if you have alcove available in your bathroom. Then it is possible to turn it into an enclosure with a simple addition of a foldable shower door. Moreover, it is also possible to that you have gap available between two walls and can turn it into a beautiful shower area by simply adding a shower door. In addition to that, the corner can also be a suitable for such shower area conversion. 
  • For Standalone Shower Enclosure. If you are planning to install a standalone shower cubicle like quadrant, rectangular or square, the bifold enclosure may even be a perfect choice in this case as well. 

Final Thoughts

The bifold shower doors and cubicles can help give your bathroom give trendy look. These are great for space saving purpose. You can turn any standalone shower enclosure shape with bifold shower door. It is also possible to do the same by converting alcove, between two walls, and bathroom corner with bifold shower door to convert it into a perfect shower area. You can check latest bathroom fittings and fixtures at Royal Bathroom online store in the UK.