Do You Need A Pillow To Meditate?

Pillow To Meditate

Meditation has proved how important it is for the human body. It is not only good for spiritual and mental well being of the individuals but also for the physical body and for the positive energy. Meditation means sitting in a position with crossed legs not supported by anything. Sitting in that position is very daunting and it will be more daunting if you choose to sit on a floor. At that time a meditation pillow came into use. They are also known as zafus and they have a wide range of meditation benefits. And here are some of the reasons for why do you need a pillow to meditate.

Pain Alleviation

If you are performing a wrong sitting position over the years, then there are a lot of chances that you are likely to have back and joint pains. The meditation pillow ensures that you put less amount of stress on your lower back while at the same keeping your knees in the right shape. Using a meditation pillow while performing different types of poses will prevent back pain during meditation.


If any person wants to meditate daily no matter what you want your meditation practice to be portable. Meditation pillow us nothing but a piece of equipment which is highly portable. If someone loves to travel and loves to meditate outdoors, a pillow can easily go with them.

Since there are so many meditation pillows and people can find which one is portable. Having a pillow which is easy to bring up will open up the possibilities. A portable meditation pillow also has a convenient handle to carry anywhere you want.

Improve Posture

While doing meditation people mostly used to sit on a carpet or in a yoga mat. As they don’t know that it leads to bad posture. All you need to do is bend your back and the whole process shifts focus from meditation to improving your posture. With the help of a meditation pillow you can achieve the best sitting posture.

It Can Double Up As Yoga Props

If you are doing yoga then you can use the meditation pillow for your yoga practice. The whole point of yoga is to improve not only the soul and mind but of the body also. Yoga helps in making your meditation more fulfilling and relaxing by improving your flexibility. During the yoga if you need to rest your hands, legs or knees then you can transform your meditation pillow to a temporary toga prop.

Helps To Enforce Your Meditation Practice

If you are trying out meditation for the first time then having around would be in a great mood. Meditation works just as you were at home . If you lie in bed for sometime you will fall asleep. Exactly a meditation pillow will trigger your mind that it’s time for meditation. 

You are likely to, therefore, turn to meditation on your meditation pillow when feeling the pressures of everyday life. Having a physical representation as a symbol of your practice yoga and meditation will help you have gratitude for the same.

Reaching Deeper Levels Of Meditation

You will reach a deeper level of meditation if you use a meditation pillow. It is true for those who use the smart meditation pillows. There are so many technologically  advanced pillows which monitor heart rates and breathing rates which are very helpful in improving your sessions. These advanced pillows are for meditation enthusiasts who want to have the best meditation sessions. You are backed up by smartphone applications that give you breathing and heart patterns in real-time, therefore enabling you to improve your mediation. The alerts from artificial intelligence will help you reach deeper levels of meditation and achieve the desired levels of peace, relaxation and mindfulness.

Improves Your Longevity

Sitting on the meditation pillow will engage your muscles from your back to the hips and legs of the body. If you do this daily it will improve your balance as you will develop flexible legs and arms, ensuring that you form a strong core. As you get older, you will avoid the usual problems such as falling and strains. You are likely to enjoy improved health due to increased strength in your muscles, joints as well as in your whole body.


So here are some of the reasons why you need a pillow to meditate. All the above reasons are true and says that a pillow is a must if you want your meditation to reach deeper levels.