6 Effective Tips – How to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Blog

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate

If you have an analytics account for your blog then you often encountered with a term “Bounce Rate”. Bounce Rate is nothing but the percentage of visitors who landed on any page of your blog and then leave your blog without visiting any other page of your blog. Bounce rate shows the percentage of visitors on your blog who bounce away from your blog without clicking through to the other content of your blog, which causes a decrease in page views of your blog.

Higher bounce rate indicates that the visitor who landed on your blog didn’t get what he/she was expecting to be in the content, whereas lower bounce rate means that your content is being loved by readers. Therefore it is very necessary for bloggers and webmasters to keep their blog’s bounce rate as low as possible. Bounce rate lesser than 60% is considered as OK to have. You can achieve it by using few tips and by writing quality content that can keep your blog for longer. So here are some of the effective ways to reduce bounce rate of your blog.

6 Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate :

1. Good Design:  

The first thing your blog visitor notices is your blog’s design unpleasing and unprofessional then the chances are more that he/she will not visit other pages of your blog. If you want to reduce bounce rate of your blog then you have to look for a user friendly and eye soothing design for your blog. Use good color scheme like bright background with content in dark color so that your visitors can easily read your blog’s content.

2. Easy and Proper Navigation:

If you have an easily navigable blog then your readers can easily navigate through your blog’s content. This will help you to reduce your blog’s bounce rate. You should have a proper navigation menu bar at the top of your or at the sidebar so that your readers can go through with other content easily.

3. Use Related Post Widget:

There are many widgets/plugins available for blogs by which you can show related posts below your content or in sidebar. I use Related Content plugin for my blog. Use of related post widget will give related content to your blog visitor which might interest them and force them to go through with them. In this way you can reduce bounce rate of your blog.

4. Interlink you post:

Inter linking your posts wisely so that readers can get related posts easily. Interlinking your posts or inbound links will increase the page views and will also help you to increase your blog’s ranking (Google PageRank).

5. Improve Loading Speed:

You should improve your blog’s loading speed because no one likes the website/blog which loads at snail pace. If your blog takes a long time to load then probably you will lose your precious readers. Avoid use of heavy stuff like using lots of plugins, too many ads, or using big size images. Avoiding these things can easily help your site load faster and helps you reduce bounce rate of your blog.

6. Catchy Title:

Use of catchy title also help you to reduce bounce rate of your blog. Catchy titles will catch your reader’s attention and make them to go through with the article which will eventually help you to reduce bounce rate of your blog.

These were some effective ways which will help you to reduce bounce rate of your blog for sure. Share your ways that you use to reduce bounce rate.

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