Top 10 Tips – How To Increase Twitter Followers in 2019

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How To Increase Twitter Followers

Everyone knows that twitter is a top social networking  micro-blogging site. No doubt twitter is a largest social marketing tool ever. Most of the people don’t know about automated too that are specially available for twitter. Top Free Twitter Tools To Send Automated Direct Messages On Twitter It allows only 140 characters to tweet, that is enough to get a large number of followers to your account If you use It properly. Remember that don’t use automated tools for everything It may harms rather than benefits like reducing tweet reach , klout score etc..

How To Increase Twitter Followers :

Now I am going to share my personal experience about blogging and twitter. I started blogging  on technology, SEO, Blogging, android etc. When I was new to blogging It is  difficult to drive traffic to my website. To get huge traffic social networking sites are good sources so I started learning of twitter marketing on Internet like you, with my experience I suggest you the best ways to follow that will Increase followers on twitter.

Drive Traffic To Your Twitter Profile :

For example If you have any new blog or product to promote, you need to drive traffic to your website. By sharing your blog with friends, commenting on other blogs, submitting links to high page ranks sites and If you have a lot of money you can go for advertisement. Follow same strategies to your twitter profile.

Add Tweet Button :

If you are serious about micro-blogging or Increase followers this is the best way. While you are tweeting add tweet button. By doing this everyone will ReTweet and It may go viral to thousand Internet users. So tweet useful and good article to attract twitter users.

Don’t Stop Tweets :

For every blog or social networking account frequent updates and rich content is very Important. If any new followers visit your profile, they found you didn’t update any tweet for long time and even If you tweet It won’t be good these makes followers disappointed. So wherever you are at least try to do minimum tweets to stay connected with your followers.

Attractive Background and Complete Profile :

Customize your twitter background attractively which is helpful to make the visitors follow. Fill out your complete Bio is also very Important because every follower wants to know about designation, Bio of an author.

Keep An Eye On Unfollow Users : 

This is one of the best ways to get a lot of followers to your twitter account. It may arise a question how It is possible. Follow lot of people to get a lot of followers, but you need to check whether they are following you are not. If they are not following, you can just unfollow them by using automated Twitter tools.

Find Your Niche And Follow :

Follow the people who are tweeting the same niche, using certain keywords in Bio. It will be helpful to get more followers, because your profile will display the Information about your niche and audience will get attracted to your profile.

Keep Your Post Short Enough To Retweet :

Retweets are very Important to get new followers to your profile. Retweeting is the only way to get noticed by the people who are not following you. So you have to post short enough to add RT and username to retweet your post. It is better to complete the post below 120 – 125 characters according to your username length.

Reply Publicly :

Reply to the fellow users in public, It offers a chance to other followers to join in that conversation which is helpful to Increase followers. Organize twitter competitions, contests, questions etc.. by offering attractive prizes or gifts. If followers will like definitely they will retweet your profile. 

Participate In Contest :

Participate on twitter contest really helps, because there you can meet all group of twitter users they may like your niche and follow you and also promote your profile. If you participate in contest definitely It will bring you quality followers.

Share Valuable Content :

Most Importantly post Informative content which is useful to everyone that makes the followers to retweet. Post too many tweets and link to others, which helps to Increase the follower count.

Conclusion :

 I hope that the above tips will help you to get more followers on twitter account. Remember once you get followers don’t let them go by un-following you. For that you need to update your profile, tweet useful and rich content, don’t spam, don’t use auto- responding tools too much..

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