How to Install Wall Ovens in a Base Cabinet

Wall Ovens

Installing wall ovens in homes with limited space can be a tricky process. Ovens are typically large and require a lot of room to properly cook on. These large ovens take up a lot of cupboards and floor space that is usually reserved for other uses. However, wall ovens are designed to be installed in tight spaces and can provide high quality cooking in a very small space.

One way to avoid using a wall mount oven is to make use of an off-the-shelf one. Such ovens are available from some home improvement stores. In fact, there are certain models that are already built into cabinets. This saves you the hassle of having to build it from scratch. The downside, however, is that these types of ovens cannot function as well as those which you will have to purchase specially made for the task.

To make use of a surge protector

The first step to install a wall mounted oven is to make use of a surge protector. This is a new electrical circuit breaker that is placed at the wall and then connected to the electrical sockets. It is important to note that some electrical outlets are not compatible with new ovens. If you do not have a surge protector, you should buy one separately from the retailer.

Install the wall mounted ovens in the cabinet

The second step is to install the wall mounted ovens in the cabinet where you intend to place them. You should only need to worry about compatibility issues if you are replacing an old oven with one that is brand new. Otherwise, all you have to do is fit the circuit breaker and the appliance box so that the cooking surface can be placed on the oven.

Plug the appliance into the mains

The third step is to plug the appliance into the mains. You can use the existing wiring to make use of any additional wiring that is necessary. The power cord should also be inserted into the outlet correctly. This will ensure that the wall ovens are only accessible from one end. Once you have completed these steps, you can place the remaining screws into their appropriate positions.

Test the electrical supply to make sure that you are ready to use the wall ovens

After the three steps above have been successfully completed, you should test the electrical supply to make sure that you are ready to use the wall ovens. If you have limited space, you should place the circuit breakers close to each other so that they are not very far away. Otherwise, you should keep the oven at least as close to the junction box as possible. This will ensure that the cooking surface is within the reach of your hands.

Attach the cooking surface to the oven with the help of the screws

The final step in the process of how to install a wall oven in a base cabinet is to attach the cooking surface to the oven with the help of the screws provided. The next step is to plug in the electrical cable to the wall socket and place the oven on the kitchen worktop. Turn on the power and the oven will automatically start working. When you check the temperature, you should set the controls accordingly. If the cooking surface does not turn out to be an accurate representation of the interior temperature of the oven, you should go for a new or adjustable cooking surface.

Installing wall ovens in a base cabinet is simple but requires caution. You should follow the detailed instructions given on the packaging to avoid any mistakes. It is advisable to perform this project only if you are confident about the technical knowledge required. You can even learn how to install wall ovens by following the online tutorials available on the internet. Once you install a wall oven in a base cabinet, you will find it easier to cook delicious food at home.