French Drains Divert Standing Water

French Drains

After heavy rainfall, it is common for yards to get flooded with water. If your house is located on a slope you are likely to get a lot of runoff water from the neighbors. Many homeowners buy a house and do not grade the yard or the garden. If you are buying a new house, make sure the land is leveled and there is as a proper drainage system in place before you move the family in. If your house is near the creek or the waterways the ground will become saturated after heavy rains and will not be able to absorb the rainwater.

Many landscapers can be found online who can help you with this problem. Water that has accumulated on the property can make it look unsightly and also cause disease. In the garden it can damage the expensive plants. Pets and kids can get allergies, so it is best to keep both the interiors and the exteriors of the house spic and span at all times.

Besides a landscaping expert, you will also need drainage solutions. The best way to drain the yard or the garden is by installing the French drains. These drains are very cost-effective. The process of making such drains is also very easy. You can do it yourself, but it is always advisable to seek the services of an expert, so all the work gets done to perfection.

Standing water can damage the house foundation as well. If the water stands near the building for long you will have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Some insects love moisture and thrive in humid weather. In Dallas, your house foundation can be eaten up by termites without your knowledge. So make sure you have French drains in place to avoid any unexpected expense.

Mosquitoes and other pests will grow fast if the problem goes unattended. Malaria is a life-threatening disease and is caused by mosquito bites. Make sure you have the fly nets where needed and do not leave the windows or the doors open.  Your residential landscape will continue to look beautiful when you get the drainage solutions.  Poor drainage will damage foundations, walkways, and other structures as well.

The worst thing about standing water in your house is that it will give it a very unwelcome vibe. Neighbors will be reluctant to visit you and if the water is standing in the frontage your curb appeal will be highly reduced.

In some instances, there could be artificial obstructions such as a concrete patio or a fence that is embedded. This could cause drainage problems and only a landscaper can identify such an issue. Companies that install French drains have landscape experts that can pinpoint the blockage.

To create the French drain they will dig a long 6-inch trench up to the point where the water is supposed to exit from. The trench will be filled with gravel and then a pipe will be placed in the trench that is covered with cloth. Pipes used for French drains are perforated so the water can enter the pipe through the perforations. This simple solution will allow the water to drain away from the property. You will never have the standing water problem once the drains are installed.

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