Best Auto Mechanics in North York

auto mechanics in North York

If your car’s check engine light suddenly blinks on, at the middle of your journey, it’s an obvious fact that you would take it to the nearest automotive shop. The mechanic in the shop might tell you about multiple problems in your vehicle and suggest you some expensive repairs. So how would you know if those operations are truly necessary for your vehicle or the mechanic is simply trying to up-sell you? Well, it is difficult to figure out whether the issues suggested by the mechanic is genuine or for sales purpose. In the world where most of us do not know much about auto mechanisms, it is important for us to find a reliable mechanic to keep our vehicle healthy

Here are some tips that will help you find an efficient and reliable mechanic.


You may want to go for a big brand name in the auto repair world but sometimes a local family auto repair shop that is committed to a good customer service, can be equally good for your car and you. The referrals of your friends and family can help you out in finding such auto mechanics near you.

Check out the reviews of BBB

Most of the auto mechanics are usually honest but there are some auto shops that have left their customers disappointed with their service quality according to BBB (Better Business Bureau data). That is why it is good to check mechanic reviews on BBB website.

Identify experienced shops

It is a safe option to go for a mechanic who has been operating in this industry since long. Auto shops having a long time experience is a proof that they have satisfied their customers with their work otherwise their business would have folded a long time ago.

Ask for your auto insurer

Your auto insurer can also recommend you some good auto repair shops and you can also get some advantage of using one of them.

See who the bus and taxi companies use

Bus and taxi companies need their vehicles to run smoothly for long time so it’s an obvious fact that they would always rely on trustworthy auto mechanics for their vehicles. You can give a call to their head office to ask about a local auto repair shop they use.

To simplify your search for the best auto mechanic in North York here is the list of top 10 auto mechanics in North York

Auto Mechanics in North York

Finetunedautos is a reputed name in the auto industry in Toronto that is dedicated to provide its clients a reliable auto repair service to keep their cars running smoothly and safely. They have a team of certified and experienced mechanics who repair your cars with utmost care.

Phone: (416) 243-0949 Email:  Website:

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For many people, their vehicles are second biggest investment after their homes. That is why choosing a reliable auto repair shop is very important to help ensure you receive quality work at a fair price and keep your vehicle running efficiently.

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