Businesspally Hints New Tactics for YouTube Marketing

video marketing

Video marketing has been given a welcome arm ever since Television has been developed.

And even in this modern-day of advanced technologies, video marketing has gone more popular.

To increase video contents on the internet, the technology giant laughed a video streaming site – YouTube, and now, it’s in the lips of every modern-day marketers.

What can you use YouTube for? 

Each of you can relate to the term “YouTube” – watch a cool music video, follow an interview or quickly understand the operating instructions for the new coffee machine with the help of an explanatory video. 

With two billion paying users per month, according to businesspally, YouTube is one of the most popular online platforms in the world. 

So it’s no wonder that SEO is also becoming increasingly important for YouTube. 

In the following blog article we will tell you the best tips on how your videos can be found better on the platform and how you can improve the ranking of your YouTube videos.


During the customer journey, the customer already has many points of contact (customer touch points) with your company before he completes the actual conversion, for example a purchase. Videos can be one of those touch points.

Video marketing can be used at any number of points in the customer journey and sales funnel.

At the top funnel you want to draw the attention of your users to the product. 

For example, by using explanatory videos that describe your product, you can familiarize users with your product, says Techpally boss.

Videos are also worth using in the bottom funnel. Here, user-relevant tutorials could help to bind customers to your company in the long term. 

So you see, the possibilities are far-reaching. The only thing missing now is choosing the right channel. What would be better than the world’s largest video platform?

SEO Optimization of YouTube Videos 

With the targeted use of video marketing, the YouTube platform can be an important traffic and sales channel for you, says chaktty. 

However, the prerequisite is that your videos are visible to users and can therefore be found by potential customers.

As a certified YouTube SEO expert, Techpally digital marketing agency can help you to improve the ranking of your YouTube videos and thus increase the visibility of your channel. 

The following tips can also help you to achieve higher ranking of your YouTube videos, better conversion and huge profits on as display or sales.

Keyword optimization 

For you to get better ranking on YouTube videos, you need to research low competitive keyphrases themed towards video. 

There are tools such as Techpally SEO, ubersuggest, semrush, and others that can be used to find YouTube keywords.

You can also find keywords from the YouTube search box, but you can understand the difficulty score of these keywords unless you use tools or get acquainted with SEO.

Your main keywords should appear in title, description and tags. 

The more relevant keywords you use, the better your videos can be assigned to relevant search queries and found by users. A great tip to improve your ranking for YouTube videos.  

Don’t undermine Video Description 

With the description of your YouTube videos, you have the opportunity to explain in more detail what topic your video is about. 

You can use up to 5000 characters here, but you have to be careful. Only the first 120 characters of your description are directly visible to the user. 

It is best to start with the added value that you provide with the video and package the whole thing like a teaser text. 

You can also add internal links or a table of contents here. It all depends on what statement you want to make with your video.

Tags are still important 

According to business pally magazine, you should also consider the SEO tags of your videos. 

You can categorize your video with precise keywords and thus support the YouTube algorithm in classifying your video. 

With clearly defined SEO tags, you can improve the ranking of your YouTube videos and have a chance of your video being displayed in the search bar under related videos. 

The same applies here: less is more! Relevant keywords at the beginning, includes long-tail keywords and still remains short and crisp.