3 Easy Steps to Install Lifeproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

Lifeproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

Lifeproof vinyl plank floors officially named attractions are mainly sold at home depots. You must have a level and clean sub-floor either laid down or secured properly. Lifestyling has been accepted in most homes for its enhanced insulation value over hardwood and linoleum. These floors are comparatively easy to install. However, they are expensive to buy.

It is an ideal option for places with little or no sub-floor space. Vinyl plank planks are multi width planks of varying thickness. They offer a high level of durability and comfort. There are a variety of designs and colors for which the fireproof can be used. They are very durable and if kept clean and dry they will not need any additional treatment.

These planks are mostly suitable for first time home buyers as the process is simple and straightforward. If you are visual learners then it is suggested that you get a guide before installing these floors. You will get a clear cut idea of how to go about the process from the guide. The following are some tips that can help you install the fireproof floors with ease and help you get more value for your money.

The most important step is the first thing first; cleanliness. Clean the floor with soapy water and mop the floor completely. Spills should be removed and if there are any stubborn stains such as oil, grease, or tobacco products then use a good quality stain remover. If there are any stubborn spills then you should use a scrub brush to remove it. Remove the lint that might have been left behind from your rugs and clothes. Lint is one of the things that can lead to accidents with the floors and may also start a fire when heated by a candle.

Ensure that there is at least an inch gap between the bottom of the floor and the wall or the baseboards. This inch gap will ensure that the floor can absorb sound well. Make sure that there is at least an inch gap between the planks. The planks that are placed on the baseboards will act as conductors thus transmitting sound throughout the house.

The second step is to move in closer to the walls. The planks need to be fixed in their places carefully. The holes will not serve any purpose if the planks are not fixed properly. While laying down the vinyl flooring, make sure that you do not leave any space between the baseboards and the walls as this will allow moisture to enter your house thus causing more problems.

In some commercial settings, vinyl plank flooring has been found to slip and slide along the surface making it unsafe. The greatest risk is posed by liquids that are poured into the spaces between planks. Liquids can easily sleep in between the planks making it impossible for you to remove them. If the liquid spill occurs while the floor is still wet, then you may not notice the damage caused until the floor is completely dry.

Install Lifeproof Vinyl Plank Flooring in a central part of the building. The commercial settings are the ones which should be laid first. This is because the area tends to absorb sound and moisture much faster than other areas. The vinyl flooring options will not be affected if the room is kept dry at all times.

Choose the best location for installing your luxury vinyl plank flooring. In case you have chosen the right place, then the flooring can definitely last for many years. Vinyl flooring is usually installed at the end of the day when the moisture level in the room is at its lowest. Installation of this kind of flooring at the end of the day will prevent water and moisture from seeping in during the night or in other areas where it would cause a lot of damage.

If you have small kids, then the installation of this type of flooring in the living or dining areas would be a wise move. No matter how careful you are with your kids, accidents do happen. A small drop or spill can be extremely harmful for small kids. It can cause bruises and dehydration. Installing luxury vinyl plank flooring in the dining or living areas will ensure that you and your kids are safe at all times. In case there are small kids in the house who are close to your pets, installing this type of flooring in their rooms is a wise move.

The third and final step would be to take all the steps necessary to protect the floor after installation. You need to cover the entire floor with furniture mats and place rugs around it to reduce the risk of spills. You need to make sure that there are no exposed nails or sharp edges on the floor after it is installed. You also need to cover all the edges and corners with tape to prevent any unnecessary spills. With these simple tips, your fireproof luxury vinyl flooring will definitely protect the floor from all types of spills and stains.

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