Which Furniture Best Complements Oak Flooring?

Best Complements Oak Flooring

When adding oak flooring to your home, it is important that you choose furniture that will complement the colour of the oak, whilst making sure that the furniture will be a suitable match to the other rooms within your property.

To ensure that the flooring and furniture matches successfully, you need to establish the colour of the oak before you begin to find inspiration and ideas.

Here are some different variations of oak flooring, with suitable furniture suggestions:

Rustic Oak

Like the term ‘rustic’ suggests, this kind of oak is likely to have plenty of character and will have various knots and lines running through the wood.

When trying to find furniture to match, go for a chunky set of drawers or a solid oak dinner table, the kind that would sit well in a cosy country cottage next to a traditional roaring fire. Investing in solid oak chairs is always a good idea, as they can be re-designed over time by adding cushions or a touch of paint.

If you are planning on rustic oak, make sure you maintain a shabby chic look and consider re-vamping old furniture using some DIY techniques.

For example, why not take an old cabinet, paint it a bright and vibrant colour such as duck-egg blue, and sand it down to reveal a weathered and worn look.

Dark Oak

Dark oak is a great colour to choose if you want your home to have a cool and contemporary feel. Contrast the dark colour of your flooring by painting the walls in a bright and vibrant colour, or a calming neutral shade such as magnolia.

This type of oak will wear well with age, and prove to be a versatile choice as you renew and change your furniture over time.

Think about investing in a sleek glass coffee table where you can display books and magazines, or go for a lighter leather sofa that will be a strong contrast to deep colour of the oak.

Light Oak

If your oak flooring is pale in colour you may need to consider that furniture may scratch the flooring and show up over time. If this is the case, why not think of ways to protect the floor by adding soft, cushioned materials to the base of armchairs or table legs.

Light oak flooring may need a little bit of a colour boost, so why not add a colourful cabinet or shelving units to the surrounding walls, or a rug that is going to add an interesting feel to the room.

When investing in furniture, make sure you think about the following:

  • Is the furniture going to give you good value for money, even with a little wear and tear?
  • Invest in good-quality furniture that is made from well-crafted materials that will not scratch or damage your floorboards.
  • Consider how your furniture might look when in contrast with the other rooms in your home.

Once you have chosen the correct style of oak flooring for you, think about the furniture carefully as it is likely to be an expensive purchase that should last a lifetime.

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