Choosing the best wooden door designs for your home

wooden door design

When you are working on the interiors of your home, don’t forget to pay attention to the design of the doors of your home. Doors not only provide security and privacy to the residents of a house but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the house. Let us look at some of the best wooden door designs for homes.

Some points to keep in mind while selecting a wooden door design for your home

Front doors will add appeal and style to the exteriors of your home. Doors are the first impression of your home to guests.  The design of the door should be in accordance with the other elements of your building. Whether you want a classic design or a contemporary one, it should have a natural wooden finish or should be painted according to the overall home design, don’t forget to keep the following points in mind before you select a wooden door design

  • The wood that is being used should be of an exterior grade.  Make sure it is well seasoned so that it will be durable.
  • The wooden doors in the exterior of the house should preferably be finished with a melamine coat for weatherproofing.
  • Keep a porch or a shelter so that the doors have enough protection from the elements.

Let us look at some of the best wooden door designs for your home

  1. Modern Door made from teakwood – A modern wooden door design in teak wood with an upright glass insert will allow you to see the guests before you open the door.
  2. Door with Window – Consider having a door with a diamond-shaped window with horizontal panel designs. If there is a glass window, you can add nice patterns and designs or even install an opaque glass.
  3. Bespoke wooden door design – There are endless possibilities if you choose bespoke designs. You can select from different sizes, materials, styles, colours, etc.
  4. A Wooden Door design with a three-Side Glass Panel – This design will make a wonderful entrance to make a grand statement. It is enclosed on three sides by glass panels that will give it a stunning look.
  5. Teak Wood door design with a rectangular Panel and mirror – The panel in a rectangular shape, as well as the polished teak wood, would enhance the look of the home, and the glass panel on one side will be functional and look good.
  6. Go in for a rosewood door – A good rosewood door that is decorated with nice detailing will add visual appeal to the house. 
  7. White wooden door design – If you don’t want a traditional brown wooden door design for your home, you can go in for a white wooden door. The white door will add a touch of elegance to your home and give it a classic look. You can keep a window on the side which will add appeal and allow you to take a peek outside.
  8.  Brightly painted doors – A Bright coloured door is very attractive and stands out against a neutral wall. Go in for a door with a neatly polished paint finish. 
  9. South Indian wooden door designs – Go in for a traditional South India inspired design that has a lot of detail. This works best for villas, independent houses as well as apartments.
  10. Victorian wooden door design – If you would like a royal entrance to your home, go in for a Victorian wooden door design for home with panels and real details on it.
  11.  Traditional designs – Some of the nice designs include wooden doors having one big door knocker or having complex designs and patterns on them.

Ideas for selecting good interior wooden door designs

The doors in the interiors of your homes will give the rooms the privacy that is required. It is important that the interior doors are designed in accordance with the interior home décor. A Wooden finish has an eternal appeal however make sure to choose a good finish that will blend with the interior home décor and colour scheme. Consider the following tips –

  • Wooden Interior doors may be of interior grade as they don’t need protection from the weather.
  • Generally, the interior doors will not need to have any glass panels unless they are placed outside rooms where privacy is not an issue.
  • However, in case you want to go in for adding glass panels to the door, go in for a opaque or translucent glass.

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Wooden door designs for balcony doors

Balcony doors will add a lot of appeal to your home. You can choose a glass window through which you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the garden. Go in for a frosted or opaque glass that will provide you with the required privacy and also allow the light inside.

  • Choose a sliding door design which will give the balcony entrance the much-needed flexibility.
  • If the balcony is on the upper floor and you don’t need much privacy, there is no need for any drapes or doors.
  • Doors with a glass panel will allow privacy while also letting the natural light inside your home.


We all will spend a lot of our time and energy deciding on the interiors and the décor of our homes. We will make sure that the walls are flawless, the furniture is matching with the aesthetics of the room, and the color schemes are smooth and graceful. We make sure that everything is perfect while setting up our home. But we often forget about selecting a good wooden door design. Often, we don’t give much value to the exterior or interior doors of the house which are an important section of the house. Remember it is not about just painting a chipped old door. Make sure you choose from one of the best wooden door designs for home given above and give the doors of your home the attention they deserve.