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Top Trends that will Make your Kitchen a Better Place


Kitchen cabinet is one of the most essential elements that can give your kitchen the style. In fact, it is the feather in your cap that brings everything together. The design and style of the cabinet haven’t changed much for the past few years specifically in terms of flooring and countertops. But there has always been a few trends occurred to kitchen cabinets over time.

Today, people draw their attention to simplicity when it comes to the kitchen. More bold and wild options are now coming into sight. With simple and clean kitchen cabinet solutions homeowners are now opting for exclusive and bespoke styles with a clear statement. Gaining knowledge about the important kitchen cabinet trends and incorporating them is essential to design a perfect kitchen.

Open Shelves

Not a must-have option, but open shelves make a kitchen look more beautiful. You may have some special items like some beautiful set of dinnerware or any other unique pieces to place on the display. Showcasing sort of unique items in the suitably right type of shelves, you can create a unique style for your kitchen. Open shelves have become the most preferred trend since the past few spans of time. You may feel hard to even imagine your kitchen without closed door cabinetry but open shelves are beneficial in many ways. It gets you the feel of the airy and bright atmosphere and greater space which can really make your small kitchen look big. Moreover, you can see and pick up what you want without wasting the time to peep behind the cabinet doors.

Utensils displayed in the similar-colored shelves can give your kitchen the uniform look where you can use items like mason jars, fruit bowls, and wine bottles as attractively decorative elements. Your favorite cutlery and some interesting recipe books can also make the open shelves look more attractive. But while mixing all these features, it is essentially important to consider the individual styles and colors of each item.

Personalized Colors

Homeowners now keep their eyes open for unique kitchen designs that provide the place a bold look. Color plays here an important role. People now prefer to use personalized colors for cabinetry that can perfectly mix with their kitchen space. Natural colors like yellow, soft green and grays are currently one of the most favorite tones whereas black, bright green and navy tones are the most luxurious allure for many. There are three categories of paint tones you can choose from-

1. Light – the natural tone that gives your kitchen the simple, soft, and sober look. Lighter shades, in fact, sketch an eternal style that can perfectly complement other features and items in your kitchen.

2. Medium – most common hue that is available in standard tones of gray, yellow, and blue.

3. Dark – the darkest and boldest shades that can give you the feel of unsurpassed luxury. The common tones in this category are bright green, navy blue, black, and plumb.

Homeowners are not seeking to use unique color paints in their kitchen that can make the space more attractive and pleasant.

Clean Artistic Tastes

The modernization waves have hugely influenced the kitchen cabinetry décor in recent years. Clean and aesthetically constructed kitchen cabinet had hugely influenced many homeowners. Modern cabinets now no more have a fancy design like the traditional cabinet doors. Modern aesthetic tastes are sort of hollow door panel with smooth shapes and simple lines that creates the simplest design elements. These modern and aesthetic kitchen cabinetry and closet storage solutions also complement other features like your kitchen backsplash and countertop.

Multiple Finish Colors

There is an endless mind-boggling list of finish colors and techniques for kitchen cabinet available out into the market. Homeowners are now taking advantage of the latest technique of mixing different finish colors and give their kitchen a completely unique look. As an example in this context, you may have a white upper cabinet and the base one may have a natural wood look. You can here create an attractive design by mixing different bits and pieces.

Smart Tech

We are in the day and age where everyone is always with a gadget in the pocket. Thus, it is good to design a kitchen that can also meet the gadgetry needs. A modern cabinet should have a charging station for devices like mobile and tablets. Usually, we use a tablet or phone to follow any food recipe or cooking video when preparing a meal rather than following the recipe books. So, it is always good to have a docking station or a device holder. You can also create high-tech cabinetry by placing wireless devices like music speaker, mini televisions, tablet, etc into the cabinetry.


Over the years, kitchen cabinetry has witnessed many changes. A swift change in tastes and technology has generated arrays of styles. When considering finishing, design, and color kitchen cabinet Mississauga is all set to offer homeowners something personal and unique. So if you are planning to remodel your kitchen or building a new house, reach out to the best contractor and the best of all solutions.

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