Top Tips on How to Correctly Pack Moving Boxes

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Pack Moving Boxes

When moving, there is always a right way and a wrong way to pack boxes. You do not want to make the boxes to heavy, yet you also want to protect their contents. Well, most people think that the way to pack boxes is to keep putting things in until they are full. Yet, they are going to end up breaking more than those who follow these straightforward steps to packing boxes.

Basic Packing Tips

  • Limit the majority of your boxes to no more than 50 pounds per box
  • Typically the smaller the box, it can handle more weight because it is compact.
  • When wrapping breakable items make sure you wrap them securely and put the appropriate cushioning around them.
  • Boxes that cannot securely be closed should be avoided. Use only boxes that can be closed securely to stay things from falling out.

Get Packing

Packing does not have to be a chore. Once you have the right strategy in place, and the appropriate materials a few basic tips can help protect your valuables while you move.

Pick Your Paper Wisely

There is a wide range of packing materials on the market to choose from. As well as the most popular of them all, the newspaper. While the newspaper acts as an excellent filler and defense, do not use it to cover fragile items. The ink in a newspaper can cause damage to many different kinds of china as well as stain a variety of other valuables like china, porcelain, and clothing. Using standard daily brown packing paper will go a long way in preventing stains from getting on your valuable.

Boxes Come in Many Sizes

Make sure that you know the sizes and dimensions of your valuables you are going to pack. Since there is a wide variety of packing boxes available, it is an excellent idea to get the correct size for those items before you pack.

Don’t Forget the Wrapping

When wrapping your breakable items make sure that there is enough cushioning available to prevent the most fragile ones from breaking. Then when you pack them into the case make sure they are secure and will not move during transport to your new home. Ideally, you want to be able to pack the boxes, so they are able to be placed on an angle from the top, bottom, side, or end. If, a container requires it to remain upright then describe it so that you do not forget as you are packing it.

Pack One Room at a Time

When you are packing boxes the easiest thing to do is pack from room to room. So. Start with the kitchen then pack and label as you go. Then move on to the next room and so on.

Label Your Boxes

To stay organized and to make sure the correct boxes end up in the appropriate rooms always label your boxes by the room they are supposed to stay in. Also, list the contents of the box so if you need to find something it will be clearly visible.

Create Layers

When packing boxes it is essential, that the weight is distributed evenly across all the boxes. So when packing always ensure the large items are on the bottom and then a layer of cushion. Then the middleweight items in the middle and a layer of cushion. Finally, add the lightweight items at the top and an extra layer of protection to protect the entire contents. Then if, needed to add that extra set of cushioning to protect the breakables.

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