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Tips To Decorate Your Newly Built House


Mostly new home buyers ask the question “can we decorate our new house?”. Yes, Of course, they can!  A newly constructed house offers a blank space where you can show your creativity and design it the way you want. While decorating your house do everything carefully so that you do not have to make costly alteration later on.

For a newly constructed home, it is imperative to put more concentration towards important tasks. A proper strategy will help in accomplishing all the tasks in an optimum way and right order. If you are considering the whole house decoration as a single project then you may observe that you are not achieving the desired results. Also, you may observe this project as a never-ending project.

You should prioritize important rooms and start working with high priority. Priority may vary from person to person. Here, I am going to share some tips to decorate your newly build a house. Let’s start with the kitchen!


If you want to decorate your kitchen, first of all, all basic thing should be available inside your kitchen. That means electricity and water facility should be properly available in your kitchen. After that, start with other key elements such as a place for the cooktop, the sink, and the working surface.

All these things should be properly planned to avoid a mess later on. This planning is worth doing before laying your beautiful carpets or other flooring types.

Once the plan is prepared, start with the installation process. Properly install cabinets and work surfaces and after that move on to wall treatments. The main focus should be on splashbacks, especially on tiling. In the end, give a finishing touch to your kitchen walls.

You may have observed little cracks over the walls of a newly constructed house. These cracks can settle down by filling them. The final task in the kitchen decoration is to choose the right type of flooring which should be easy to wipe down.

Living Rooms

With the completion of a functional room in your house, now you should move on to your living space. Lounge act as the heart of the home. If you want to make your living room attractive then you should start with the walls. Paint your walls with a light shade that will make your living space airy.

Add modern art, family photos, and other wall hangings to add definition in your blank space. Ornamental plants inside the house look great. Now next thing to decorate is your windows. Also, install the air-conditioning system in your living room to maintain the ideal temperature inside it when it is extremely hot outside.

If you are planning to install the latest technology AC then you should consider air conditioning Sydney installation. Use simple curtains with a deeper tone that should also reflect your taste.  Finally, lay down your beautiful and classy carpet. In this way, your living space in your house will emerge out as the best layout.


Now next you should move towards your bathroom decoration. Many housing developers will install a three-piece suite in your bathroom. But if you want to change it as per your need- for instance, if you want jacuzzi in your bathroom then some structural changes need to be done.

It needs proper planning and structural layouts. After that, it is time to decorate the walls and flooring of the bathroom. Tiling is the best way to decorate the bathrooms. If you do not want tiles on one wall of your bathroom then make sure that it should be painted with water-resistant paint colors. This trick will help you in sustaining good looks of your bathroom for a long time and also keep it mold-free.

You can add a personal touch to your bathroom by choosing different style fittings. Choice of your tap and shower can bring a significant change in your bathroom. It is recommended to install a matching set that is compatible with the rest of the decor of the bathroom.

For instance, modern chrome. If you want to add modern touch then use tiles in your bathroom floor that than vinyl floor coverings.


The focal point in our bedroom is a king-size bed. The bedroom is designed to relax, sleep and spent some good moments. Therefore, good paint, optimum lighting system, and right decorative elements play a vital role in your bedroom. As this room is designed to relax, therefore, it should have everything that makes use feel relaxed such as television, bed, air-conditioner.

Make sure, your air-conditioning system should support the latest technology such as ducted air conditioning Sydney. The lighting system is another important factor in our bedroom. There are different types of lighting fixture available in the market.

You should install a dimmer switch if you are fixing the main pendant inside your room.  The dimmer system will let you control the illumination of the lighting fixture inside your room the way you want. Paint it with soothing colors and decorate it with simple but attractive elements.