Shopping Smart 5 Tips to Choose the best smartphone 

best smartphone

In this guide, we’ll assist you in saying no to overspending and unneeded features of smartphones. Here are five helpful tips to assist you in choosing the best phone that meets your needs and budget! As smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life increasingly more brands are competing for your attention and money and it’s becoming quite difficult to determine which one gives you the most price for the money. Don’t fret, as we’re here to give you a hand to explore mobile phone price in pakistan. In this guide, we’ll assist you in saying no to unnecessary expenses and features on your smartphone.

Here are five helpful tips to aid you in selecting the ideal phone that meets your requirements and budget!

Android VS IOS

Accessibility or Variety of Choices The iOS Debate between the Android and iOS Android DebateIt’s the age-old debate about which is better: iOS or Android. For a long time, die-hard supporters from both camps have been shouting at each other over which one is better than the other, since there’s an extensive list of cons and pros on each side of the debate. Which one is the best? The best question to ask everyone is “Which is the one you like better?”

If you’re looking for a simple and easy method to use, we suggest that you go for iOS phones. Apple’s intuitive and simple user interface offers a low-learning curve for beginners as well as long-time Apple users as well. Software updates and apps are made available in a timely manner and you’ll know that your device is always up-to-date with the latest technology.

However, if you’re keen on the affordability of your phone and the variety of choices for your hardware and options, then Android is certainly the right choice for your needs. It’s no secret that there’s a wide range of low to mid-range phones that are running an Android OS so you won’t have to shell out a lot of money just to locate one that’s appropriate for your budget.

Display Resolution 

Before you click the “Buy” button on that top-of-the-line phone with a stunning 4K-quality display, you should ask yourself “Do I really require this?”As 9 times more than 10 isn’t enough, you’re probably not. The thought of having the highest display resolution in your palms is exciting and thrilling, however, it could be more than necessary too, don’t you think?

Pay attention to the quality of color and quality of the color. This is particularly important when you’re making videos and photos outdoors since these two aspects affect the final output you’ll create!

Battery Life 

What’s the point of owning the latest mobile brands in Pakistan, most feature-packed, high-end phones when their batteries are constantly being charged? There are power banks that can be used. However, are you really going to connect to a source of power for hours in this time and age when traveling is the norm? No, we don’t believe it’s the same. There’s good news that companies are now focused on enhancing their battery life. Even phones with low-end specs have up to 8-10 hours of battery life on one charge. This should be the norm too.


Here’s a tip for all you artists out there! A lot of times manufacturers attempt to outdo the other, each boasting more megapixels than the next. Did you know that megapixels really aren’t a huge factor in the image quality of your smartphone’s camera? The most important thing you should be considering is aperture values, not. Aperture values impact the depth of field of your camera as well as the quantity of light that enters the camera. Therefore it is recommended to search for cameras with low aperture values. The smaller the aperture the more effective! Another thing worth considering is camera features like two lenses or even image stabilization. These features can result in clearer and sharper images, ideal for someone who is just starting out like you!

Getting Your Smartphone on an Install basis

Most people don’t know that using installment plans for your purchase of a phone (or the purchase of any kind) can be a fantastic alternative to finance. Installment plans let you repay your purchases over time and on terms both you and the lender agreed upon. That means you can alter the amount of your payment to suit your income and schedule. The terms of payment can be very flexible, but they’ll mostly be contingent upon the ability of you to pay (thus the requirement to present any proof of income and/or billing). The purchase of a smartphone shouldn’t be an unwise nor daunting job. It’s a matter of understanding your needs and the top options on the market. What aspects do you think about when you are buying a new phone? Tell us what you think in the comments in the comments section below!