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Natural Stone or Cast Stone: What’s the best to Choose

Natural Stone or Cast Stone

Stones have always been a highly admired design trend for landscape and building. When it comes to choosing the best tile design for any property redesigning or development project, people always wonder which could be the better choice; natural stone or cast stone tiles. There are certain factors usually viewed when making a unique decision between these two tile materials.

Natural stone tile designs add more beauty and quality to a building or landscape project. The sophistication natural stone tiles create is difficult to get with other man-made materials. Many home décor service providers and builders recommend cast stone tiles specifically for outdoor paving and pool coping. Cast stone is a man-made mimic of natural stone and apparently grabs similar characteristics but often renders limitations in many senses and long-term issues. There are four key areas to compare the difference between both these stones.


As read above, cast stones are the man-made stones that are made of various composite materials among other things like silicon, Portland cement, aggregates, pigments, sand, and a large proportion of chemicals. The manufacturing of these stones consists of various processes. Moreover, inconsistencies are likely to occur in quality during the ongoing manufacturing procedure due to humidity, variances amid different operators, and improper curing. Cast stone tiles are highly porous with the less dense surface; this makes the product prone to damage easily, especially when are installed in high traffic or moisture-prone areas.

Natural stones tiles are the sedimentary deposits that have been created over millions of years. These stones don’t consist of composites like aggregates, chemicals, and dyes. Moreover, they are less likely to get chipped, break, and stained. In any circumstance, if one or more natural stone tiles are damaged, the issues or cracks are usually less noticeable due to the natural color they have. But, if cast stones are damaged the tiles can look chalky and you can experience an exposed color variance.

Arrays of qualities are available in the context with the cast stone. Based on its categorization, the quality of these tiles is determined in three different types. Like type 1 and type 2 of cast tiles grade lower scores and are limited to quite a few applications. Whereas, type 3 receives the highest rank based on its strength, abrasion resistance, density, absorption, etc.


Since cast stones are man-made they are manufactured in arrays of colors which are hard to find in natural stones. Some custom colors, moreover, may be highly-priced. The molding process of cast stones brings about limited color options, sizes, and patterns that can be recognized when they are spread across the paver’s space. If you are looking for continuous coping around your pool without having any joint or layer, cast stone can be the best thing to choose.

The natural color, hue, and variance in a natural stone add more charm than the man-made cast stone since there is no artificial color to get paler over time. The patterns of natural stone may be different depending on the place it has been mined. Each piece of the stone will have some variations that are by all means appreciated due to its uniqueness and beauty. Natural stones are easy to cut in different sizes and shapes. This quality makes them ideal for creating countless patterns. Over time, these stones will increase the beauty of your space and can even form gorgeous gloss. Whereas, on the other hand, man-made cast products deteriorate as time goes by.


The initial investment with cast stones is usually lower. Owing to the fact, many contractors just to win the bid recommend them instead of the natural ones. But with the consideration of long term investment i.e. shorter lifespan, repairs, and maintenance, the cost of man-made cast stones can go higher than the natural stones. Future investments with cast stones may result in greater expenses.

It is usually believed that natural stone tiles are always costly. But, when taking the long term investment into account natural stones win the title. Regarding the cost, new-fangled technology and equipment have come up with various reasonable solutions. With the stable structure and the lifespan natural stones have it go beyond the concrete like cast stones. Also, with low maintenance feature natural stone products add greater value to any commercial or residential property than the other man-made stones.

Durability & Maintenance

When preparing areas like a pool the major consideration people usually have is the product’s ability to resist the effects of water. The chemicals to be used in the procedure are often associated with the maintenance and durability. Cast stones typically tend water absorption. This means, when water gets into the material, cracks are likely to appear over the time which can ruin the overall appearance especially in the areas where the atmosphere is moist and cold. Factory manufactured stones can quickly weaken its beauty leaving it cracked and discolored. Owing to the fact, expert stone suppliers in Mississauga never recommend to use them around pool-like areas. Even if you install concrete around moist areas, deep cleaning is a must to maintain the beauty of the area. Moreover, using man-made stones means getting ready for the costly repairs and resurfacing you may need in the future.

With occasional cleaning to remove debris and avoid getting dirt over the area, you can keep the natural stone tiles for years. These natural products can resist the effects of water absorption. Moreover, the natural stone tiles are especially important to use in the exterior areas specifically where constant exposure to moisture is obvious.

Take your pick

Man-made cast and natural stones both have their benefits and drawbacks. So, which option is ideal for you solely depends on the location of tile installation, budget requirement, and design. Figure out your prime requirements and imagine how you want your property to look.

Choosing the right type of tiles can be a tedious process. Share your idea and requirements with experienced tile suppliers like J&L Tile. Experts can only help you make the right investment. Being a stone supplier, we offer arrays of colors, patterns, textures, and shapes in tiles that can get you the limitless choice to give your space the perfect touch.

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