Some Of The Most Popular And Interesting Korean Hairstyles

Korean Hairstyle

With the many choices available, finding the perfect Korean hairstyle for you can be an ordeal. From twisted and wavy looks to sleek and straight, there are so many possibilities it’s hard to pick right away. Keep in mind that the best way to choose a Korean hairstyle that works for you is to go with what suits your face and body type. This way you can be sure to have the hairstyle that looks best on you. To get started, let’s talk about the most common looks for women.

The sleek and sophisticated half-pony tailed Korean hairstyle

The sleek and sophisticated half-pony tailed Korean hairstyle is an up-to-date favorite that looks great on women with oval faces, narrow forehead, and small cheekbones. Going for the opposite of wavy and messy is the popular straightened ponytail! If you desire to appear more polished and put-together, this classic Korean style is ideal for you.

This Korean hairstyle has been around for ages, but it still remains one of the most versatile. One reason this style is so versatile is because you can do it with either one side or both sides. When done with one side swept hair, the back of the hair is left natural. When done with both sides, the hair is brushed backward (toward the crown) to create a smooth, low maintenance look. This Korean hairstyle works well for women who have medium length hair and is usually worn during the day.

One of the most popular trends in Korean styling is a very short hairstyle that is either colored or uncolored. A typical example of a short hairstyle for women is the pixie cut. This is a sleek and stylish hairstyle that compliments any skin color. You can pull off the pixie cut with either short or long hair, and it is commonly paired with colored hair. There are also many women who like the edgier version of this Korean hairstyle which is styled with a vertical bar across the forehead and a parting on one side of the hair.

The Ponytail is another very popular trend in Korean hairstyles.

The Ponytail is a classic option for women who want to add some volume and length to their hairstyle. A typical ponytail is done up in layers, starting with a front hairline then lightly tousled to the back of the head with waves framing the forehead. This Korean hairstyle is great for day wear and is very fashionable.

The Dark Roots is a popular option for a Korean hairstyle.

With this hairstyle, the back of the hair is completely straight and the sides and part towards the front are swept to one side. With this option, you will have a very defined appearance and will bring out your eyes. You will want to avoid the common sidearm when trying to achieve this hairstyle because the sides will only be defined if your hair is not thick. The dark roots option will add thickness to your hair and will allow you to have a defined look.

The High and Tight hairstyles

The High and Tight hairstyles are both very popular options for those who want to add some volume and length to their style. A very effective way to achieve the high and tight hairstyle is to use side and back bangs as a frame for the layered hair. When you do this, the front bang will be the same height as the back bang. This is an effective option for those with thinning hair and it is a great option for those who want to have a modern and unique look.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is very unique and does not always require many visits to the salon, the short hairstyles are definitely the best option for you. They can be styled in just minutes, and they can also be purchased in a wide variety of colors and hairstyles. Try looking through the pictures of the short Korean hairstyles that are available and find one that fits your hair the best.

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