Kissanime Anime – Discovering the Unique Features of Anime Streaming Websites!


KissAnime is an anime-themed file sharing website that allowed users to freely stream and download anime and Japanese VNs for free. It also offered members the opportunity to upload their own anime videos. The website launched in 2004 and has become one of the largest internet file sharing hubs. In an article posted by Anime News Network, KissAnime director Tomoko Ninomiya stated, “KissAnime is different from other online file sharing websites in its mission. Its founders and operators did not view the site as a business but rather as a way to promote and publicize fan art”. According to her statement, the site has so far enjoyed a steady growth in membership.

According to Tomoko Ninomiya, KissAnime’s chief executive officer, she was looking forward to expanding the site into a not-for-profit membership service with a massive library of anime titles. However, she admitted that it would be difficult to attract new customers due to the existing huge membership base. This is why she is in the process of planning for an upgrade. This means that in the next two years, KissAnime will offer not only unlimited downloads but also a massive library of manga and Japanese animation movies.

Unlike other not-for-profit anime websites which have limited services, KissAnime provides high-quality anime videos and music. The website offers two different payment options. One is a “silver” subscription, which charges a monthly fee. This is the most common form of subscription due to the low monthly cost and unlimited downloads. The “gold” subscription charge is more expensive and is restricted to a lifetime credit limit.

Although kissanime offers various anime download services, most of its anime categories are not available in this form of subscription. This is because many of these types of websites require a subscription, which requires a small amount of money. Because of this, many users do not consider it as an option for downloading anime. On the contrary, many users consider this to be the best site for them since they can access all genres of anime without difficulty. This means that with a single payment, they can enjoy unlimited downloads of both anime and manga.

For anime fans who wish to view multiple anime streams, kissanime offers one of the few streaming websites with this feature. It offers two different kinds of traffic mechanisms. The first is the free-tier traffic. This is the same concept as the popular Ustream and Vimeo traffic wherein a user can watch anime videos as long as they like. Unlike this, the second kind is known as the premium or platinum membership.

Although anime and manga are more popular in Asia and Japan, there are still a lot of countries and communities that are in love with this genre of art. Many of these countries and communities have their own dedicated streaming websites such as kissanime. In this case, they are offering this type of service for anime fans to view manga and other related media without spending any money on it.

Another unique feature of kissanime is its anime downloading service. Unlike other online downloading sites, kissanime allows its users to download anime videos in various formats. Whether you want to watch the latest episode of your favorite anime series or just share it to your friends, kissanime has it all. Many of their anime episodes are already released in DVD or manga format, so you will never have a hard time locating the right anime video you want. This has helped their popularity tremendously especially in the Asia and Japan areas.

Like other similar streaming websites, kissanime also allows its users to browse through different genres of anime and download it in different file types. The site offers several file types such as flash, zipped files, MP3, and others. All of them are designed to be user-friendly. In addition to that, another unique feature of kissanime is the fact that they allow their users to rate other user’s movies and anime series based on their preferences and opinions. These features have made it one of the most sought-after websites in the Asian and Japanese regions.

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