Installing Metal Roofing over OSB

Metal Roofing over OSB

If you are considering installing metal roofing over OSB, it is an excellent decision. Metal roofing is more durable and cost effective than asphalt shingles. With the use of specialized metal roof coatings, such as Silver Sable, you can add a layer of protection that lasts longer than shingles alone. Plus, by incorporating metal rakes and granule products into the roof’s design, you can make the roof more energy efficient, protecting your investment for years to come. However, before installing metal roofing over OSB, there are some important decisions to be made.

To begin, you should determine whether you need to replace old roofing or repair the old one. You can easily install metal over old OSB with some simple changes to the existing framing. Unfortunately, if your old roof has damage, it will be necessary to remove the old roof and build a new one. This approach offers superior weather protection as well as improved durability than was once thought, but still affords the benefits of metal over asphalt shingles without the disadvantages.

In most cases, your house must meet building codes in order to install the metal. This means you may have to seek approval from your local authority. Most jurisdictions will require building permits for any structural changes, even when using asphalt shingles. Once you have located your building permit, it is time to determine which design will work best for your house. Here are three suggestions for installing metal roofing over of:

– Using standard metal roof installation techniques, you can install corrugated metal roofing nails in a variety of configurations and sizes. This means you don’t have to buy expensive metal flashing to complete the job. The key is to drill and tap the holes for the screws, then place the metal over the roof material. You’ll need to drill pilot holes for the screws and metal flashing, so choose a spot on your roof that will provide adequate headroom.

– A popular technique for installing metal roofing over OSB is to make use of purlins. Purlins are a strip of metal that resemble small strips of paper. If you’ve ever seen a real haunted house, you know what these purlins look like – dark, ominous, and definitely haunting. To create these purlins, all you need is regular home building hardware and a razor blade. Score the edge of the roof with the blade and begin splitting the asphalt into strips that will form the purlins. Secure each strip with asphalt screw and nail.

– If you want to go for a really authentic look, you can actually use actual old-fashioned wooden boards as the purlins for your roof. If you’re not a handyman, though, you may opt instead to purchase a kit that comes with pre-fabricated wooden boards that snap together easily. All you’ll need to do is add the flashing and metal clips for the tops of the Osb modules. Install the flashing and metal clips and, if you’re satisfied with the results, clip the entire thing together.

– Another good technique for installing metal roofing over OSB in an area that’s really windy is to cover the whole thing with zinc metal smartroof. This material is designed to be stronger than asphalt, which makes it ideal for use in areas prone to hurricanes or heavy rains. In addition, zinc metal smartroof doesn’t get slippery when wet, so you won’t end up getting run over if things get wet. For added durability, zinc metal smartroof can also be powder coated so that it’ll be virtually impenetrable, even in damp environments.

So, when you’re considering whether you need to install metal over OSB, consider whether the extra expense will be worth it for the added safety, durability and quality of the roof. In the case of zinc metal smartroof building contractors recommended metal roofs, they are definitely worth it. Good luck!

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