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Install a Home Security System: 5 Reasons to Make It Happen Today


Daylight faded as the Sun took a dip into the ocean. The streets were dimly lit with street lights not able to gaze through the winter cold. Everything looked deserted. Some laid in their comfortable beds under layers of animal skin, some were off vacationing in Summers far east. Perfect for a heist. Before Sunlight gazed upon the city in the morning, three houses were less rich and blemished than they were the night before. 

Fables may be fiction. But in the end, they leave us with a lesson we remember for the rest of our lives. We put our sweat, blood, and emotion into a building to make it our home. And without proper security, anyone can intrude and challenge to destroy everything you built. We only call a place “home” when we know it is secure. That is why it is a must to install a home security system in our houses. And here are 5 reasons to need to start investing in one today:


The safety and security of our loved ones is always our priority. And what is a home, if it isn’t safe. One of the major reasons you need to install a home security system is to offer protection to your family members from intruders. For better assistance you can contact locksmith in Houston.

According to the FBI’s 2017 Crime Statistics, there were about 3 burglaries every minute in the country. That makes it to about 4320 burglaries in a day. Yes, I calculated. Also, these FBI burglary rates state that 1 in 3 houses having no security system fall victim to the crime while the ones that have home security systems installed, the number falls to 1 in 250 homes. 

We all likely know someone who has lost jewelry, electronics, or a high-value item due to an invasion. Those can be replaced but what if it was a family heirloom?  

Is it worth losing something so valuable? A home security system has an alarm that scares off burglars and helps protect you and your valuables. 

Peace of Mind

What do you do to achieve peace? 

Meditate? Yoga? Or something else? 

I prefer doing yoga every day. That keeps both my mental and physical self healthy. With all the stressors we have, it is difficult to find peace in life. Sometimes it is our work, our personal life, or economic situation; but we ought to do something, right? 

With all that, you don’t need random thoughts in your head constantly bickering and questioning the safety of your valuables and family members. You can only fill a glass that much. Having a security system installed in your house would help neutralize your state of mind. 

It takes years of meditation for a person to find the ultimate peace. But, with a home security system, you can have enough that you need for a stress-free life.

Fire Protection & Electricity Management 

When we think about home security systems, we transverse to it protecting us against home intruders. But there is so much more to it than that. The system provides additional features like fire protection and electricity management. 

We generally rely on smoke detectors which are generally a bit too late in determining a calamity. Home security systems provide early warning against any fire outbreaks giving you a rightful chance to evade or diffuse the situation. We have dawned on the electronic age. Today, we have the world at our fingertips. Many new home security systems allow users to control various appliances, thermostats, and lighting from a remote. 

How many times do you leave your house and remember that you have forgotten to switch off the lights? No judgments! This automation will help reduce energy consumption in your home. 

Insurance Premiums

Owning a home is not easy. I wouldn’t know. I happen to spend everything I earn buying shoes. It’s not me, they call me out and I just have to get them. Regardless, for an owner, homeowner’s insurance is a necessity. Its cost varies considering the payment option, coverage, location, type of home, and the insurance company. 

Though many first-time owners don’t pay much attention to the cost of this insurance, if you have a home security system installed in the house, the insurance companies offer huge discounts. 


Technology is at its prime. With an active internet connection, you can monitor your home on a smartphone or laptop no matter where you are. Install a home security system today, and enjoy your vacation without any worries.

Remote monitoring is one of the biggest selling points of home security systems. It is the ease of surveillance that this feature provides. No need to worry about your home when traveling, you can monitor it from anywhere in the world. 

Brick. Some mortar. More brick. That is a building. Home is so much more than just four walls. It is the place where we lay our heads at Sundown, our children feel safe, and keep our life’s worth valuables. It is our sanctum. Its protection and safety are in our hands. Time to be responsible.

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