How to Keep Squirrels Out of The Garden

Keep Squirrels Out of The Garden

How to keep squirrels out of the garden has always been a problem that homeowners face. Squirrels can be a real nuisance, and they can wreak havoc on your garden in a variety of ways. They can access your food supply (and create all sorts of problems with your vegetable garden). They can also access your attic and other areas of your property through their tunnels. They can even get into your house through cracks in the foundation. If you want to know how to keep squirrels out of the garden.

here are some tips for you

Seal any entrances

The easiest way to keep squirrels out of your yard is to make sure they don’t get to your birdhouses or any other areas of your property that you want squirrels to avoid. To do this, you’ll need to seal any entrances they might have, and make sure there aren’t any areas where they can maneuver and access your windows, doors, and other points of access. This will deter them from entering your yard in the first place. You can use one or more of these methods or look for other ways to prevent squirrels from getting into your garden. There are lots of options out there.

Build birdhouses where squirrels can’t enter

One method is to build birdhouses where squirrels can’t enter. That’s a great solution, and it won’t cost you anything. There are plenty of birdhouses out there that you can build for less than $200, which will keep squirrels from finding the birdhouse and ruining your garden. And most of them are easy to construct, so you don’t have to worry about working with a large amount of equipment or skills. Some of these birdhouse designs even have perches built right into them to make the entryway even easier for squirrels.

Buying some birdhouses and teaching your pet’s not to enter them

But if you want to know how to keep squirrels out of the birdhouses you already own, there are a couple more things you can try. The first is an old-fashioned method: buying some birdhouses and teaching your pet’s not to enter them. A lot of people don’t like this idea, since squirrels are extremely clever animals that can crack open birdhouses and eat their contents. But if you’re willing to spend a few dollars on an inexpensive perch and a cage or two, you can teach your pets that birdhouses aren’t safe places to sleep. This is also a great way to ensure that birds have a dry and safe place to call their own.

Use ultrasonic repellents

If that doesn’t solve the problem, one of the easiest ways to prevent squirrels from getting into your birdhouse is to use ultrasonic repellents. These work by sending out very high frequencies that cannot be heard by squirrels. The frequency of the sound will keep squirrels away, as long as the birdhouse door is closed and they’re in the birdhouse. Of course, this only works if you have one of these devices, which can be rather expensive.

Get a squirrel catcher

Another step on how to keep squirrels out of the birdhouses you already own is to get a squirrel catcher. Squirrels are known for their ability to get into birdhouses, crawl inside, and eat whatever is inside. You can buy a squirrel catcher that’s meant to capture squirrels, or you can make your own. In either case, you should take precautions to make sure it’s completely enclosed. Any holes or openings that squirrels can easily get into could mean that food, seeds, or other wildlife gets into your birdhouse, as well.

Pooper-scooper traps

You also have the option of trying “pooper-scooper” traps. If you have a cat, raccoon, or any other type of wild animal in your neighborhood, you may be tempted to try this method to solve how to keep squirrels out of your birdhouse. But, while these may capture the squirrels that do enter your home, they will also capture any seeds that are left within. These will inevitably end up in the compost of your local garden, causing more harm than good. Besides, if you use this method, you’ll be trapping more wild critters and potentially making the problem worse.

There are two simple solutions to how to keep squirrels out of your birdhouse. The first is very easy and inexpensive. All you need to do is make sure you have a birdbath that squirrels won’t go into. The second is a bit more involved, but it’s a very effective method that will ensure that any seed that does enter your birdhouse will stay outside, instead of seeping into it. Either way, you should be happy with both methods.

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