How To Close The Gap On Barn Doors

close the gap on barn doors

Many people are not aware of the fact that there are two types of barn doors – sliding barn doors and rolling shutters. They think only one of them is available. Actually both these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand both the types and then decide which one to buy. Once you are able to make an informed decision, you will be able to know how to close the gap on barn doors.

The advantage of having a sliding barn door is that it does not make any sound. This makes it ideal for people who want to close the space but do not want to use moving blankets or ear plugs. However, if your main motive in buying this type of door is to prevent unwanted animals from entering and disturbing you, then you need to use soundproof curtains. You need to buy the curtains that match with the style and color of your house to create a good look. It is important that you select the right curtains because some designs can actually disturb the sound.

Rolling shutter

on the other hand, is effective in trapping the wind. It works by preventing the air from entering through the barn doors. If you want to know how to close the gap on barn doors using a rolling shutter, you should measure the opening. Then, measure the top of the shutter. You should buy a curtain that matches with the measurement of the top of the shutter.

use moving blankets instead of soundproof curtains

For another tip on how to close the gap on barn doors, you should use moving blankets instead of soundproof curtains. Moving blankets work by creating a thicker barrier. The thicker the barrier, the better are the sound barriers. In addition to this, moving blankets are cheap and can be found in any home improvement shop.

use l-shaped side shutters

Another good option on how to close the gap on barn doors is to use l-shaped side shutters instead of soundproof curtains. These l-shaped shutters do not block the sound from coming in but prevent noise from coming out. This type of shutter is perfect to use if you want to close the whole area or just a section of the door. However, installing an l-shaped side shutter takes more time than installation of a regular sliding door. However, this type of shutter is effective in preventing sound from entering and exiting the barn. This is why it is highly recommended for large openings.

soundproof windows

For another DIY project on how to close the gap on barn doors, you should try using soundproof windows. Windows are effective in preventing outside noise from entering inside your house. However, if you need to work on a larger section of the doorway, installing regular windows will not fit on the allotted space. If you are going to use vinyl windows or double-pane windows, you should place them at one of the largest spaces inside your home.

The right size of a barn door is also one factor that you should consider in considering how to close the gap on a door. If you want to avoid making your doorway too wide, you should install the right size of a door. If you have a standard sized door, you should buy the right size of a sliding barn door. This means that you will not get too small or too big an opening for your home.

Installing a draft stopper on a sliding barn door is also another way of stopping outside noises from entering your home. A draft stopper prevents the noise from coming into your home when the door is open. However, if you do not have a draft stopper, you should consider buying l-shaped side entry doors. These doors are specifically designed to fit perfectly on the l-shaped side of your barn door.