Different microwaves that can convert your kitchen into a smart one 


Your kitchen is the most vital part of your house because this is the area where you cook delicious food. However, your kitchen might not look like an elegant place without the right home equipment to make cooking amusing. 

One of the most critical cooking gadgets is the microwave. The foremost advantage of a microwave is that it lets you prepare meals faster in comparison to meals that are cooked on a stove. It comes with excellent features along with the auto-cook dinner menu, LCD screen, user-friendly controls, and so much more. These functions permit the microwave to uniformly cook meals within a particular time frame. 

A microwave has brilliant overall performance. Many microwave options are available in the marketplace, but it would be difficult to pick out anyone. While shopping for such a smart gadget for your kitchen, you should no longer make investments of your money in a low-quality product. Therefore, here is the list of microwaves you can purchase for your kitchen. 

Samsung 28L convection microwave 

If you’re seeking out a great convection microwave, the Samsung 28L convection microwave would be a perfect choice. The first component that you may note about this microwave is its extraordinarily elegant layout. There is an LED indicator making it easier for you to examine the readings. The first-rate feature of this microwave is that it has deodorization which keeps the bad smell of food far away from the microwave. 

Additionally, it comes with pre-programmed recipes so that you save some time even while cooking. The only downside is that it has only 6 months of assurance/warranty. 

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LG 28L convection microwave

If you are searching for a good convection microwave, an LG microwave would be a good choice for you. Since LG is a completely popular company and is widely recognized for its electronic devices, it makes exceptional microwaves. LG 28L convection microwave has a special feature in which you can cook and preheat the meals quickly due to the fast quartz heater! It saves time and your food is prepared quickly. 

Another function is wherein the microwave maintains the temperature for up to 90 minutes. As a result, the food tastes superb and has a very good texture. 

One of the predominant drawbacks of this microwave is that the interiors of the microwave aren’t rustproof. 

Panasonic 23L Convection microwave 

Panasonic is a very reliable organisation as it offers its customers durable and low-cost products. One of the most bought products of this corporation is the Panasonic 23L convection microwave. The pleasant characteristic about this microwave is that it comes with a cooking menu so it becomes a good deal and less complicated to use it. The warmth is divided equally in the microwave so the meals are cooked well. 

Another substantial function of this microwave is that it comes with five strength degrees that you can select while cooking the meals. Unlike most microwaves, the Panasonic 23L convection microwave is a 360 degrees wrap, therefore, the meals are uniformly cooked. 

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Bajaj 20L Grill microwave 

Bajaj microwave is the most attractive one in India. Due to its fashionable layout, your kitchen will provide you with a modern look. Another characteristic of this microwave is that it has cooking, defrosting, as well as reheating. It has numerous digital controls that help you in adjusting the energy levels according to the form of food you are preparing. 

This microwave has nine auto-cook dinner menus so cooking food turns into an easy task. 

One drawback of this microwave is that it makes quite a little noise whilst it’s being used. 


Buying a microwave is very challenging on account that there are numerous products in the marketplace, however, if you are seeking out one excellent microwave in your kitchen, you need to focus on positive points like its material, user-friendly controls, size, safety, ease of cleansing, brands, warranty, racks, timer, and a lot more! 

A gadget has to make your work less complicated and convenient. Therefore, look for microwaves that assist you in making your work simpler and quicker. You must pick out an electronic gadget accurately and one that lasts longer. If you do not pick the right version, it’ll make your job within the kitchen difficult and complex. 

Therefore, pick out the right model and make your kitchen a smart kitchen!