Choose the Air-Cooled Standby Generators for Home and Office

These days, diesel generators are popular for home and office standby use due to their low price and durability. In the market you can find two main types of diesel generators, one is air-cooled and the other is water-cooled.

The commonly used air-cooled diesel generators have an engine that runs on 3000rpm while the water-cooled, 1500rpm.  There are several types of makes and models to choose from when you are looking for a unit for your house. In the event of a power failure, most people want to power up only the essentials. Air-cooled units are a preferable choice with homeowners due to their efficient performance.

There are many benefits to buying an air-cooled unit. First of all, these are low priced and also weigh less as compared to other types of generators. The modern models made by leading manufacturers are also compact. This makes it easier to store as they take up less space in the garage. The air-cooled models by Generac, Kohler and Briggs & Stratton have modern features and are designed to be more economical for users. Most have an automatic start that makes life easier.

Comparatively, the water-cooled diesel models have a long life and require less maintenance. These can also come with an auto-start and are also an economical option. For home use, the smallest output generator is the 6kW generator. If you are short on the budget get a 6kW unit to run the computer, refrigerator, freezer, coffee maker and the vacuum cleaner. With this small unit, you cannot use more than one large appliance as it will get overloaded.

These smaller units also come with a transfer switch for the transfer of power from the grid to the generator automated. The manual start generators are a cheaper option that you may want to look into. Credit is available for those on a budget so go for comfort before you think of the price. In the event of a storm, you will not like to get up in the dark to start the generator. The automatic transfer switch that accompanies some generator senses the outage and commands the unit to start functioning. When grid power returns it stops the generator from supplying power to the circuit board. If you are getting an ATS with your generator it is advisable to hire a professional and licensed electrician to do the wiring job for you. Another option can be a remote switch that will allow you to start and stop the unit by a simple press of a button. This manual changeover switch is more affordable and is a cheaper alternative to the ATS.

The water-cooled units are larger and are a great choice for larger homes and shops. These diesel generators have a strong built and are designed to be long-lasting. 1500rpm diesel generators are heavy duty and work for long hours. The engines are designed to take less stress while functioning and are also quite. When an engine runs on fewer rounds per minute it takes less stress and uses less fuel as well. The higher the rounds per minute the more gas usage will be.

Kohler, Generac, and Champion make very efficient and high-tech models.¬†If you are looking for the right generator for your house take a look at the popular Generac PowerPact 7.5kW Home Standby Generator. It can power 8-circuits of the house with the 50-amp, NEMA 1 (indoor rated) transfer switch. The True Power‚ĄĘ Technology featured in this model makes it safe for use with sensitive electronics and appliances. The power quality has less than 5% total harmonic distortion. The Generac OHV engine that runs this model has a long life and is rated as very reliable. It is easy to check the performance of the unit by checking the LED display. PowerPact 7.5kW has to be installed 18″ away from the house and away from doors and windows.

The generator is housed in an all-weather steel enclosure that is powder-coated. It is ideal for all weather conditions. This dual fuel generator can run on LPG or natural gas. You will need a plumber to set up the hoses to connect it up to the home gas line for a continuous supply of fuel. Users can check the status of the unit through a cellular remote monitoring system using the computer, tablet or smartphone.

Kohler 12RESV 120/240V 1ph Generator with OnCue Generator Management System is also a popular choice with homeowners. Kohler generators are known for their reliability and performance.  This 12kW generator can keep your electrical appliances, the heating and cooling running. During a storm, you can also keep your security system on. The low harmonic distortion and advanced voltage and frequency regulation protect all the valuable electronics that you may want to use in the event of a power failure. It powers a 5-ton air conditioner and other electrical appliances. 12RESV also comes with a remote monitoring system. The steel enclosure has corrosion protection.

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