Ceiling Glass Design Ideas For Bathroom Looks More Stylish

Ceiling Glass Design Ideas

Ceiling glass – The bathroom is not only accommodate the cleanliness of the household activities , but it can also be a space for inspiration . Ceiling including parts of the building are often seen as having a bath in the bathroom . To that end , the ceiling in the bathroom also needs to be processed using the game of heights or even without using the ceiling cover

One of the alternatives in the design of the roof of the bathroom is a glass ceiling material , which serves to continue the sunlight into the room . There are several types of glass that can be used as a ceiling , such as tempered glass and stained glass . If you want to use as a ceiling , preferably glass thickness of at least 12mm

Stained glass is often used to decorate the ceiling , because it has beautiful colors and designs . Installation of stained glass in only small size combined in patterns, shapes , colors and textures .
Given the fragile glass materials broken then sought material that is transparent , but it is not easily broken . The materials include plexyglass , a brand of acrylic resin which is transparent , lightweight and weatherproof . Another material ceiling glass is polycarbonate , lucite , and lexan

Geometry ornaments Glass Ceiling

Void width allows the free view from the second floor to the outside of the building . However , to avoid the impression of space wide and dominant then shaped windows rhythmic vertical so that there is a balance of form in space . High ceiling modern design with the use of polycarbonate glazing shaped geometric patterned radially . The presence of the polycarbonate material in green and white on skylights brighten the atmosphere of the room , especially coupled with light colorful lanterns

Ceiling Glass Creations

The art of stained glass is often applied in building , for example in windows, doors , bovenlight , and ceiling . Ceiling is decorated accessory ingredients of glass with stained glass painting made more aesthetically pleasing appearance , particularly in the middle of the room . So it looks more attractive , it is better placed in the inside of the glass bulbs

Ceiling Glass Creations For Bathroom

A bathroom with a large size allows the use of bathtubs and shower simultaneously . With the design of the roof is made of concrete plates make the bathroom space is not covered by the light . Therefore , in the middle of the square hole and made higher . Looks from the outside is shaped like a concrete countertop . The legs of the table in the form of filigree wall that serves as a vent for the toilet underneath. Field -level pedestal table to be a variation of toilet constructed of glass block ceiling that gives the sky light diffusion

Technology Solutions On the Ceiling

Generally the bathroom is currently located between the two spaces so as to make it difficult natural light and air into the bathroom . One way to work around this is to use the ceiling as the circulation in and out of air and light . In the design of the ceiling this time , to regulate air circulation can use the exhaust fan . While natural light to enter , use ceiling made of transparent glass hanging just below the transparent material

Fabric Creations In Ceiling

The bathrooms have natural shades using the ceiling of the ceiling made of glass are arranged in the direction of the width of the room . To beautify the interior space , is used as an accent scarf and reflecting light into the bathroom wall

Ceiling With Hanging Plants

Utilities bathroom located in the ceiling makes the bathroom look untidy . To that end , created a visualization solution for manipulating visual game . He’s under the glass ceiling accessories ceiling given in the form of wooden planks profiled edges so that the ceiling section also looks neat . Placement of the ceiling accessories also can serve to hang a shower curtain . At the corner of the shower can be placed near the ceiling hanging pots containing plants vines bowl so that enhance the appearance of the bathroom

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