10 Amazing Tips to Boost Your Academic Essay Writer Status

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Writing an essay is undoubtedly the most common academic assignment you’d have to work on in your academic career. Yet, according to a survey by Primary Research Group, nearly two-thirds of US college students have never written a paper longer than 10 pages. However, it doesn’t seem to bother them at all. Essay Writer

This statistics is pretty alarming, especially since it doesn’t equip them to attempt longer essays without struggling with the writing process. To become an expert essay writer, you’d need to develop your critical thinking abilities, research skills and persuade the reader with your writing abilities. However, this task isn’t as easy as it seems.

Challenges You Will Face While Writing Essays

No matter how experienced you are in writing essays, there is always the possibility that you’d trip up unless you’re aware of the common pitfalls students face.  So, let’s go over the common bumps you are most likely to face in your essay writing journey.

1. Choosing the right topic

You might think choosing the right essay topic is pretty simple, but most students struggle with this step.  If you choose a complex topic to stand out from your peers, you’d struggle with research, especially if you don’t have dependable research materials.

2. Lack of writing skills

Lack of writing skills can hinder your essay quality, even if you choose an amazing topic to work on. When your sentences are full of grammatical errors, lack cohesion and have punctuation mistakes all over, it can dramatically lower your chances of achieving a high grade.

3. Insufficient knowledge

Throughout your academic years, you’ll come across several essay topics where your lack of knowledge can become the biggest hindrance. Moreover, if you don’t concentrate in your class and avoid taking class notes, you would find yourself scrambling to find relevant research material to aid in your writing.

4. Lack of confidence

A severe lack of confidence in your ability to write good essays can prevent you from giving your best efforts in writing essays. Self-doubt has become one of the leading reasons students develop a fear of writing essays, no matter how easy the topic might be.

5. Plagiarism issues

Plagiarism is undoubtedly the biggest hurdle that you’d have to cross while writing essays. Universities have strict procedures regarding plagiarised content. So, if you don’t provide proper citations in your essay, you might end up getting low grades or worse, face disciplinary actions.

10 Helpful Tips To Become An Amazing Essay Writer

Despite the challenges you face when writing essays, it’s not impossible to overcome them. In fact, now that you’re aware of the struggles you’re most likely to face during your essay writing journey, you can take the necessary countermeasures to tackle them head-on.

On that note, let’s go over 10 helpful tips that can boost your essay writing abilities and show your worth as a capable essay writer:

  1. Research into a topic

There’s a high chance that you’d come across a challenging essay topic at least once in your life. However, don’t put your hands up in defeat and call it a day. Instead, take time out of your schedule to research the topic in depth. In case you can’t find any relevant materials on the internet, you can visit the local library instead.

2. Practice writing daily

Writing daily can improve your essay writing skills dramatically. This process helps you figure out how to use concise sentences, avoid jargon and stick to the point instead of straying from the main topic. Even if you’re not satisfied with your writing initially, you’re bound to see improvements if you keep up this practice for a while.

3. Sign up for writing classes

Students who have trouble writing can always sign up for online writing classes. These courses are generally of short duration and focus on polishing the basics to help you improve your essay quality. In addition, most students who work best with professional guidance prefer to sign up for these tutoring sessions to become an amazing essay writer.

4. Consult your professors

Students hesitate to consult their professors or guides when they face any challenge with their essays. But their years of experience guiding students with their essays can come in handy when you’re stuck with a writer’s block. Moreover, it leaves a good impression as it shows that you’re proactive and interesting in bettering your essay writing skills.

5. Develop a reading habit

Researchers believe that writing is not separate from reading, and that the entire process of pre-writing, drafting and post-writing helps students develop a connection between “what they read and what they tend to write”.  So, you have better chances of improving your vocabulary, grammar and persuasion skills if you read a book for a few hours every day.

6. Use online plagiarism-checking tools

Gone are the days when you have to spend the entire night checking your paper to fix plagiarised sections in your essay. Thanks to the development of technology, you can find various plagiarism checking tools online that can help you detect the plagiarised sections in your paper. Moreover, you can use paraphrasing tools to fix those sections if you’re unable to find the proper sources to cite.

7. Participate in group discussions

There’s nothing better than brainstorming sessions with your friends whenever you find yourself stuck with a particular essay topic. Group discussions expose you to various perspectives on a particular topic. You never know when inspiration can strike you. Additionally, you can also consult with your parents, seniors and professors for more ideas.

8. Take a break from writing

Studies show that working on a paper continuously for more than half an hour can be counter-productive. The human attention span lasts between 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Following this, you should take a break for 5-10 minutes to refresh yourself. If you make some coffee or go out for a breath of fresh air, you’ll immediately see the wonders it does to your productivity.

9. Write when you’re full of energy

Try to avoid writing your essay when you’re exhausted physically and mentally. If you force yourself during such moments, you’re bound to end up with a low-quality essay. Instead, schedule your essay writing sessions for when you’re full of energy, preferably a few hours after waking up.

10. Take the help of online services

Due to the overwhelming demand from students worldwide, many essay tutoring services have cropped up in recent times. These tutorial services offer one-on-one tutoring sessions with professional essay mentors who can resolve any query you have regarding your essay. So, if you feel that you need professional tutoring to improve your writing skills, all you need to do is search for online essay tutoring on the search engine.

These 10 tips can go a long way to ensure that you can improve your essay writing skills and become an outstanding essay writer. Despite the challenges that you are bound to face in this journey, you’ll notice significant improvement as long as you don’t give up midway.

Summing it up,

Essay writing does not come naturally to students. Yet, essays are one of the most common academic writings that you will have to work on throughout your academic life. So, this blog explores ten incredible essay writing tips that you can follow every time you find yourself struggling with your essay topics. As long as you practice them diligently you’d notice amazing results within a few weeks.