Best Bedroom interior Design ideas in 2019

bedroom interior design

You must be visiting a number of buildings in your day, starting with your office, cafes, restaurants and many others but the only place you feel so calm and peaceful, where you can be more productive and where you can be yourself is your own home. You are not the only one who cares about the beauty of your home, the people visiting you will either compliment about it or leave you with a comment. No one would like that so it is so important to keep each and every section of your home perfectly designed.

At your home, bedroom is the first place to be noticed and we need some extra care while designing it and more than that, we need to be extra creative because stealing ideas will also bring you equal comments no matter how good your bedroom looks. In this article, you see some really different and interest bedroom interior design ideas. Just scroll and learn.

  • Paint: – The paint of your room will be saying a lot of things about you. I light colour will tell you are calm a bright one shows your anger, a comedy character will reveal your humour and a scientific picture will tell your curiosity. You need to choose it for yourself, even you might need some modifications in them once in a while, for your mood or your professions. It will be the first impression because the paint of your rooms starts to get highlighted even out of the room. You need to be cautious before choosing the kind, design and colour of paint, they may sound so out of fashion but they really matter a lot. You can get great discount on home décor items online using amazon offers.
  • Bookshelf: – In case you are a vivid reader that everyone must be, you must have a stack of books you have already read or you might be planning to start one now, you must have a book shelf in your room. Design it for your ease and a creative styling, keep it moderate not so large not so small, if you have more books, shift them to drawing room but for bedroom, just a single book shelf is enough. Another thing that can turn you room a bit more comfortable and expressive, is to use one extra compartment that looks like a part of your bookshelf just besides your bedroom. Here you can keep the books you are reading now or just you need regularly, it will let you grab them easily and can be a mark of your creativity.
  • Use of mirrors: – Mirrors are so generally used but sounds like the last thing to decorate your room but they can be so much fun. Using multiple mirrors in the room is a very interesting idea but it is more important to think how to use them? I have a mirror in front of my bed so when someone video call me, I don’t need to rush to the bathroom and look at myself, I can do it right from my bed. My favourite idea about mirrors is to use them in pieces. Makes your favourite character using them and when you look into them, you will find your face in that character. Sounds so exciting. No?
  • Tell them it’s your room without saying a word: – well, this is my personal favourite thing to do. When you are back at home, you get back to the most comfortable clothes you have. Home is all about being us and being comfortable. Choose your clothes or get them stitched just like the paint if your room or your bedsheets, at least one thing must resemble about you with your bedroom so that you never need to say anyone that this is your room. They will automatically get to know it. Some of them may laugh at you but choose the designs that suits you as clothes. This idea sounds idiotic but believe me, this is one of the more creative thing people might have thought about and they will surely start copying you.
  • Pattern pack or single show?: – When you decorate your room with tiles, you have two options, either choose a single sweet design or go with a pattern. Choose one that suits you but they must reveal things about you. These days you can use 3D tiles also and they looks so great. I have a simple wood designed tiles because I have designed my room like a book shelf, you can design it like a barbie girl room or Tony Stark’s lab. Just think what you want around you and execute. You can apply for Interior Designer Jobs to know about this field.

Conclusion: – Your room can be designed in many ways, you can spend a lot of bucks to buy an item and place it in your room, here we have ideas that are easy to execute and doesn’t harm your pocket much. Tell us how much they helped you.

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