7 Tips To Present Rustic Living Room Ideas In Your Home

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Rustic Living Room Ideas

Memories of warmth and familiarity in the countryside sometimes misses us. This time We trying to bring the atmosphere into the rustic living room ideas. Rural always presents its own romance. The village is considered as a comfortable and relaxed and always brings serenity. But for those who live in urban cities, you do not need to worry. You can still feel the simplicity of living in the village by way of decorating your home with a rustic interior design. But make no mistake, though thick with rustic elements, you can still give a stylish touch in it.

Even so, as far as possible the interior decor made not too obtrusive. Just use the furniture or equipment that seem antique and old. Furniture does not have to be expensive, it is precisely the presence of luxury goods and expensive will damage the rural atmosphere you want built. You can just use your furniture in the past that you think is outdated, such as lamp shades, table, chairs, etc., provided that they can still be used. If necessary, display objects – relics of a parent or grandparent you to further give the impression classification.

Here are some simple tips to present rustic living room ideas :

Use soft lighting and warm

The house in the countryside usually gets supply from direct sun light, so the light will be soft and warm, especially in the morning and afternoon. To imitate this case, use lighting with soft colors. So that light can be reflected perfectly and impressed warm. select colors – soft and warm colors for the walls, such as beige, pale yellow or pastel. Avoid using bright colors and dark. Better to choose colors that can accentuate the impression of ‘old’.

Place the modern equipment in secret

In modern times, as now, it would be difficult if we abstain from the use of tools – a kind of modern instruments TV, refrigerator, microwave, and other electronic furniture. However, as much as possible so that its presence does not create too prominent or conspicuous. You do this by using the cabinet to place these objects.
For example, a cabinet or closet to put the TV. When the TV is not in use, you can close the door. Not just TV. You can put other modern equipment such as DVD, sound system, and other electronic devices in the cabinet.

Display accessories nuanced melancholy and sentimental

Accessories melancholy and sentimental are the accessories that we will be able to evoke memories of the past. This can include family photographs, relics of parents, a ceramic urn were obsolete, as well as other objects antique and historic.

Use at least one ancient objects

Less than complete it when decorating the living room rustic furniture or objects without presenting outdated. Obsolete objects can usually be identified from outer surfaces are slightly faded and dull. These objects may include tables, rocking chairs, bookcases, and cabinets. However, try this thing can still be used, so it is not only a mere decoration.

Minimizing the use of factory-made furniture or tools

As much as possible, reduce or even avoid the use of factory-made furniture and accessories. Try to keep every detail is man made. In the case of furniture, for example, choose furniture made from wood and carved by hand. Select mats, tablecloths, pillowcases with handmade embroidery techniques. If you want to put flowers to beautify the room, try the original plucked flowers from your own garden.

Select furniture and belongings were comfortable

Although the design and furniture materials are very vital role in building a typical rural atmosphere in the living room, but do not let you ignore the factor of comfort and safety. For true of all aspects of a typical house in the countryside must be able to create the feel of a quiet, comfortable, and peaceful. For example, use a sofa with a soft and durable material where we can be comfortable when sitting or lying on it even in the long term. As a complement, add cushion sofa with comfortable material anyway.

Add curtains

Curtain fabric can give the feel of the romance of the past in the rustic living room ideas . No need to use expensive curtains, just select the curtains were thin and white, then plug in a window in your home. These blinds can also be a bulkhead between one area to another area.

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