7 Signs That Show it’s Time to Have Your House Exterior Repaint

House Exterior Repaint

Painting the exterior walls of your home is an expensive and time-consuming job. Exterior painting is not only limited to increase the beauty of your home, but it also protects your home from destructive elements. The outer surface of your house is exposed to intense heat, heavy rainfall, and low humidity. Using high-quality exterior paint helps to shield the walls from such harsh weather condition and other harmful elements.

The durability of an exterior paint job depends upon the weather condition of your area and the type of material your exterior is made of. Under the favorable condition, you can expect your paint job to last between 7 to 10 years. After reaching the maximum time limit, it starts showing some signs of wear and tear. These home improvement signs are the indication, now it’s time to have your house exterior paint. The exterior wall of your house may not show a clear sign so it is your duty to diagnose and repair exterior painting defects of your house. So how to know when it’s time to paint your house? Below, we have highlighted 7 signs. If your home starts showing these signs, immediately hire a house painter and repaint your exterior walls.

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Fading paint

Fading paint makes a house look dull and unattractive. It’s time to have your house exterior repaint if the paint doesn’t have the uniform color. If you are using dark paints, prepare to repaint it after some years because dark paints have a tendency to fade faster as compared to light paints. The ultraviolet rays emitted by the Sun cause the paint to fade over time. It is the first indication to repaint your house. Contact a residential painting company and assign the repainting job.  Repainting the exterior of your house revives the appearance of your house and make it appear brighter and cleaner.

Cracking and Peeling

Never overlook the cracking or peeling paint because it allows rain and moisture to enter inside the walls and damage to your property. If you see any types of cracks or peeling off paint, Contact a house painter and repaint your exterior. Cracks deteriorate your house because they get continuous exposure to water, heat, and cold and damaged exterior surface increases the risk of impairment to your property. Eventually, you will have to perform the costly renovation. If you see peeling paint, carry out a repainting job as soon as possible.


The chalky residue over the wood or brick of your exterior is called chalking. Chalking occurs due to the paint break down over time and due to the use of poor quality exterior paint. Chalking attacks the paint and causes it to fade and it reduces the ability of paint to protect your house. Chalking occurs prior to peeling and ultimately cracking and is a clear sign that the surface of your wall is deteriorating. Repaint your house if you see such chalky residue over the walls of your exterior.

Blisters and Bubbles

There are two types of blisters; Heat blisters and moist blisters. Heat blisters are formed when you paint your exterior in harsh sunlight and moist blisters are formed when water enters under your paint film from unpainted areas. If you notice any blisters in the exterior walls of your house, consider it as a clear indication to repaint your house. If there are any bubbles on the surface of your paint, it is also a sure sign you need to repaint.


Black or grey spots in the exterior walls is what we refer to as algae. Algae is formed due to the moisture or poor circulation of air. It will surely cause the paint to crack if remain unchecked. Once you figure out that the weird-looking substance is algae, carryout repainting job as soon as possible but first make sure to remove all the algae before repainting.

Moisture stains

Some minor types of moisture stains can be cleaned with pressure washing, but what about the extreme case of moisture stains? If you ignore such moisture stains, it will damage your property and cost you a lot of money to repair. So it is better to hire a professional painter if you want to save your property.


 If your home’s exterior has an exposed wooden surface, check to see if it has started to rot because the exposed material is subject to rot over time. Rotten material is a clear sign that they need to be repaired or replaced so that you can smoothly perform the repainting job. The exposed materials will rot rapidly without the protection of paint. So, as soon as you figure out the rotten wood and other exposed materials, consider it as a sign to repaint the exterior of your house.

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