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6 Decor Ideas to make Special occasion memorable in Canada!


The whole earth is full of places which follow different culture from each other. Each and every place on Earth has different rituals, different ways of making celebrations which are part of universal human life and according to their culture. Canada is one place where you can find various unique props and ways to celebrate your special days.

Here are 6 top ideas to make your special occasion celebrate in Canadian way.

1) Elegant & Simple Balloon Decoration

Any occasion being celebrated in Canada, one common prop for the occasions is the balloons. There are varieties of balloons and every occasion has at least one specific balloon type for them. You might choose to celebrate your upcoming special day in a abroad country. It is best to choose Canada, if the occasion is in winter at your place. All you need is just a place pre-booked and arranged for the occasion. And in the décor part, nothing but simple and colorful Mylar balloons will make the party look grander. If any of your dear ones having birthday somewhere else in the world, order balloon bouquets for canada delivery as they manufacture the best balloons in the whole world.

2) Heart Shaped Double Balloons & Tulle Decoration

Double balloons are one of the best balloons in the whole world. These are arrangements of one smaller balloons inflated inside the other bigger balloon. Now the smaller balloon is of school colors while the outer one is the transparent one. It can of various shapes.  As you choose special occasion for special people, the heart shape will be the best shape to go for. To make it look more amazing, you can put the balloons into transparent tulle and stick them to the center of the sitting table.

3) Photos hanging from balloons

One of the best parts of celebration is the memories. When you look back at times, you find how were different from the present day. SO, for a birthday celebration, or even marriage celebrations, this kind of decoration is a perfect one. You can choose a wall and stick the colorful balloons there with gaps in between. Then you hang some colorful confetti and at the end of the confetti, stick or hang the photos. It will be best to arrange ach photo from each balloon. And it will be amazing to follow a pattern from toddler to the last year birthday.

4) Romantic Room Decoration with Floral Balloon Arch

Balloons can be used in different ways to decorate the room according to the occasion’s essence. If it is wedding or reception, it is an occasion of pure love. It is the beginning of the journey of the two people. So, the decoration must go with the occasion purpose. You can décor he room with red color heart balloons. And at the entrance of the room, make an arch with balloons in such a decoration that it will look like a flower. You can put two contrast balloons of red and white to separate and highlight the core and the petal part of the floral arrangement. You can send birthday balloons to Canada to execute such amazing décor ideas on your special occasions.

5) Splendid & Luxurious Umbrella Decoration

Umbrella is one the best and unique trend of decorating props. You can make a false ceiling with colorful umbrellas hanging from the top. It can be of two types- either you can hang it upside down to make a wavy design. Or you can put them in the normal way to make a cloudy design. Again, you can stick colorful umbrellas as the back drop of your photo booth as well.

6) Lanterns & Fairy Lights Decoration

Lights are very important part of the decoration; especially when it is indoor celebration. Lanterns and fairy lights take the decoration of any occasion to some other level. There are varieties of hanging lanterns available in the online shops in very affordable prices. And the best part of this decoration props are that they are absolutely reusable. Fairy light goes very well with the celebration of birthdays and friends parties. You can get varieties of these at gift delivery to Canada sites.

Decorations are one of the most integral parts of celebration. Above are the best décor ideas to celebrate special occasions in Canada.