4 Must Have Items for a Classic Style

classic style

When it comes to a classic look, it’s safe to say that we have lost the sight of it in our day-to-day casual look. We have lost the sight of what it means to look smart and classy as we are always going for what’s easy to wear and comfortable. As compared to our today’s life, the 80s and the 90s were a whole lot classy in terms of fashion. Even their usual clothes were also a lot classy and smarter in many ways than our current fashion wear. They always used to wear suits. Suits that were well ironed and were pretty solid looking in terms of color and looking back at those is just sad how we have totally lost the style in our usual lives. 

Consequently, our classy look only comes out in events or weddings but not on the daily basis. Therefore, we have shared a list of the classy attire essentials that you must shop to up your style like a pro. 

1 – White Shirt

A white buttoned-down shirt can go with anything. It can be worn with a suit, and for casual look, it can go under a neck jumper. A pair of jeans or dress pant or chinos would definitely look amazing at the bottom but a suit would rather complement its essence in a greater manner. This can be the most essential wardrobe to have in your closet for a classic style, and you can get it at discounted rates with SHEIN Code

2 – Blue Suit

A blue suit is not only a nice but a pretty amazing addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking for a classic style. You can wear it with the white shirt mentioned above. A back or a same color tie would be a great fit. With a pair of Derby shoes, you can make your whole complete and classy and a pretty amazing one at that at the same time. 

3 – Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots have been and still one of the main fashion essentials when it comes to a classic style. They are stretchy close fitting ankle boots. They can go with pretty much anything. You can wear them with Jeans, Chinos, Dress Pants and more. They can be used for a classy look and a casual one too. But what they really shine when they are worn under a classic attire, and a classic attire is what most men prefer them with. They are big, bulky and they give out a look that is perfect for an event or even for a party. 

4 – White Blazer 

It is a type of jacket that closely resembles a suit. The look that a blazer gives out is a formal look and it is mainly made for the formal attire only. Thus, a classic fashion essential. Unlike the coat that comes with the suit, A blazer can be worn on top of anything. It can be worn on top of a T-shirt a casual shirt and a pair of jeans too. Thus, making it one of the 4 must have items for a Classic Style.