Top 5 e-commerce Websites for Online Shopping in Pakistan

E-commerce or online shopping has certainly taken a boom over the past few years, all around the world that also includes Pakistan. Basically, e-commerce is a solution for people who can buy or sell products while sitting comfortably in their homes. The expected statistics for the number of users on e-commerce sites have certainly increased more than the expectations. There are a lot of global leaders and e-commerce giant like Alibaba which has recently invested in, are investing in the e-commerce space of Pakistan. The foreign investment in the digital space has triggered the growth of online stores in Pakistan even more, and you could see some of the best online shops in Pakistan.

The world’s largest e-commerce giant i.e. Amazon is also expected to invest in the Pakistani market very soon. It has seen the potential that the Pakistani e-commerce space holds and wants to increase its footprint by investing in it. The online market is growing every day with many exciting prospects to unveil in the future. Here have a peek at some of the top and most reputed online stores in Pakistan that are pioneering in providing online shopping experience to its customers.

The trend of shopping online is increasing day by day. its look like the scope of this eCommerce is very bright. Most of the companies are moving to the digital system of shopping. This help those users who have not enough time to go outside for shopping. It saves the time of the people. In this article we are going to discuss top 5 stores which are working in Pakistan. Lets discuss the top online stores which are working online.

The store is on the top of our list for a reason because, after the recent acquisition by Alibaba, Daraz has become the disrupted leader in the e-commerce market of Pakistan. Although, there is no doubt that Daraz has always been on the top of its game, but with Alibaba it is all set to go even bigger than what it was. With sales and offers like Daraz 11.11 or the ongoing weekly sales, surely knows how to provide its customers with the utmost shopping experience. Featuring a broad variety of home appliances, laptops, smartphones, clothing and a lot more, it is setting the standard for every other online store in Pakistan.

Daraz hosts a wide assortment of consumer electronics, fashion and beauty products, alongside a rapidly growing in the market. Daraz provide security of the shoppers and provide Excellent value-for-money, large assortment of original products, fast delivery and easy returns are the top priorities of Daraz. This online store not only offers to its sellers but also provide full product security and money back guarantee if they lost the product or the thing you ordered was not good enough. The future of these stores are very bright because many people are converting to online shopping.

Another digital store in Pakistan that is grabbing the majority of the market share for Pakistan. The online store comes after Daraz when it comes to serving the Pakistani customers who don’t just want quality products, but also a great service too. is known for providing an amazing service to the customers along with an easy website interface that can be navigated by any user. There are multiple payment options available on the online store that helps the user to pay the amount at their convenient mode of payment. The customer satisfaction for the store remains to be quite good and the traffic remains higher for

An online shopping portal that was started by TCS and was formerly known as TCS Connect. It is the online store that gained momentum and was highly recommended by the users because of its connection with TCS, which is already a known name in the country. You can find various products that include mobile phones, laptops, clothing, accessories, food items, gift items and a lot more. The users are provided with various payment modes and easy delivery options to make the shopping experience very smooth. Yayvo has a growing number of users that are more inclined towards buying their preferred items from the store.


Goto isn’t as old as the above online stores, but in a span of few years only it has made its position on the top e-commerce sites in Pakistan. The main element for the online store to grow so much in a short time is its marketing and promotional endeavors. Back in the day when Goto was launched, there were very limited amount of users who were interested in buying anything from the online store. But, over the years, Goto has built its reputation in the market and also gained the trust of its customers. Word of mouth also plays a very huge role in the success of the online shopping site.


An online store that started its business journey 23 years ago. You can certainly imagine that how amazing experiences it has provided to its customers that made its journey even longer in such a competitive market. Telemart is the e-commerce site that isn’t just known for the amazing products that it provides to its customers, but the great customer service also is a big element. For any online store, presales and post-sales service do play a crucial role to retain its customers and Telemart realized this, way long back. It made the e-commerce store to become one of the most trusted names in the online shopping space of the country. The store has grown its operations in Pakistan by including more product categories, and it is very much expected that it will be increasing its footprint outside Pakistan too.

Moreover, there are a lot of other great online stores in Pakistan that have a huge customer base, however above mentioned ones remain to the be the top e-commerce sites in the country. There are many other stores as well but these are the one of the top stores which are ruling in Pakistan.

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