Top 3 Electrical Problems Which Needs You to Call a Licensed Electrician


When it comes to electrical problems around your house, your safety is more important than anything else. It may be time to call a professional electrician. Flickering lights, damaged appliances, short-circuiting and high bills are the signs of electrical problems in your house’s power circuit. Even though the advancements in electrical equipment are great still there are many common electrical problems that everyone faces in routine life. These problems may intrigue you into fixing them by yourself but you should consider hiring a professional electrician for the job because it is electricity and even the smallest miscalculation can lead to serious incidents.

Here Chris – a professional residential and commercial electrician working in Edmonton, Canada details the top three common problems around your home which require you to call an electrician.

1. Electrical Circuit Breaker Trips

This is a common issue around Edmonton, you are facing very regular breaker trips. It may be due to the fact that you are using more voltage then the breaker was designed for and it needs to be replaced by a breaker with high voltage rating or it may have been damaged over time from the heat it produces and needs a replacement. If you are moving into a new house then always ask an electrician to inspect the breaker to see if it can handle your electricity requirement.

2. Electrical Outlets

You may have few electrical outlets in your home and you are forced to use power stripes to meet your needs. Using a power stripe for regular needs is very dangerous, it creates tangles of cables on the floor. This practice is wrong and can be the cause of a serious incident. You may have children around your home who are in danger as they can get shocked. You are also at the risk of burning down your place. The safe and best practice for the problem is to call in an electrician and let him install a few outlets according to your requirements.

3. Flickering Lights and Frequent Burnout of Lights

You had a faulty light and you have replaced that light but still you are seeing lights flicker, the problem could be with the light fixture or the wiring. Flickering light can also be the sign of a serious electrical problem that may also be affecting other appliances in your home. For example, the main switchboard may be circulating low voltage than required. You can also check to see if there is a problem with power supply by opening the door of your refrigerator, turning it off and then on if the light of your refrigerator flickers then there is a problem with your electric supply. It is time to call in licensed electrician offering electrical services in your area.

Many homeowners try to fix the electrical problems themselves. There are few problems which you can fix yourself such as changing a burnt socket, replacing faulty lights or fuses. Fixing your electric problems may make you feel good but it can prove very dangerous or challenging that is why you should call a professional electrician.

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