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The Ultimate Guide to Bring Beauty Back to Your House


When remodeling your house, the interior painting is believed to be the most reasonable and easiest way to consider. Interior house painting services is a combination of various things; like painting ceiling, doors, walls, furniture, and more. The type of pain you should opt for depends on the type of your house surfaces. When painting a newly constructed house, you can choose any type of pain, but when remodeling an already painted house, would be good to choose the paint accordingly.

Deciding on the right type of paint for your interior house painting project is a daunting task. Choosing the right type of paint is as important as choosing the suitable color. Having meager knowledge about the field it is good to opt for the best interior painting services Brampton who can facilitate you with the right knowledge about each type of paint and help you prevent the time and fund you may otherwise waste consuming mistakes. Rightly picked type of paint can affect majorly on the character of your space and can get you the feel you may expect to achieve.

Water-Based Wall Paints

The majority of interior paint type people today prefer to purchase is water-based; mainly because it is easy to use. If your walls are already coated with oil-based paints, you need to be very careful before switching to the water-based paint. Water paints may not stick perfectly or walls with oil-based paint colors. In response to this situation, professional house painting service provider will recommend you the washing of the surface followed by roughening the surface with the help of medium to smooth sandpaper. Making your oil painted wall clean, dull, and dry will prevent peeling of the new water-based coat.

Moreover, if you want to have the vibe of oil-based paint color but desiring to use the coats of water-based paints you will be pleased to hear that many residential painting services now offer waterborne alkyd also known as waterborne enamels. Waterborne alkyds look the same as oil-based paint options and offer the best leveling qualities necessary to get a smooth finish.

Oil-Based Interior Wall Paints

Oil-based paint colors can be applied on far all surfaces. The durability and delicacy have made the oil-based paint product highly praised. But still, it is good to be careful. Oil paint colors radiate strong fumes that can be quite vast. Moreover, walls with oil-based paints cannot be cleaned or washed with water. With oil paints, solvents like turpentine are most important to use especially for cleaning bushes and other objects that have picked up unwanted color stains on them.

Finishes of Interior Paints

Paint sheen differs from manufacturer to manufactures, though they have some uniqueness in common. With the improved durability of all sheen finishes of new paints, people have now started discovering new innovative ways to mix and match the sheen paints. It has been noticed that people are now pleased to experiment with the use of sheen paint finishes. They experiment to form a real impact and texture within a design. By applying a stripe of full gloss on your matte finish wall with the same color shade you can create a striking look.

The painting industry is packed with various types of residential wall pants. The more you learn about the suitable surfaces for painting including the effects each coat of paint can achieve, the easier will it be to choose the right thing. It is also a good idea to fuse different type of paint colors within a single area of your house.

Matte Color Paint

Matte wall paint colors are the most common type of interior residential paints. Colors with matte finishing have no shine and this makes them ideal to apply on the walls and ceilings of the rooms where you don’t want to have any visual distractions. Often, matte shades take more than one coat to get the wall a solid color and are quite easy to apply. It can be applied on the walls with roller or brush. Besides, it also covers the imperfect spots you may have on your walls. This type of paint is ideal for the older walls.

Matte Enamel

This type of paint is quite similar to matte paint but is comparatively more durable. Matte enamel is easy to clean and you will hardly need to spare any time to give your walls a retouch. It may greatly benefit you if you have kids in the house. Matte enamel is especially the best option to apply in the kitchen walls where you may regularly need to wipe the stains and spills from the walls.


The satin paint finish is the type somewhere between gloss and matte paint type. Satin produces a soft and low sheen. This paint type is ideal to use in the areas where you need to wipe the walls regularly. It is advisable, not to use satin paint colors on the walls where you have spots or some imperfections viewable since it can make the defects more visible.


Paint with an eggshell finish produces a subtle shine to your walls. However, is comparatively not as smoother as the satin finish. An eggshell doesn’t make imperfections much viewable and this feature makes it more suitable to the interior house walls. Like other times, it is also easy to apply. Often, a single coat of eggshell paint is enough to cover the wall. This makes it the best pick for many people.


Again a common paint used for house interior, semi-gloss is more commonly applied on the wall trims rather than the entire walls. This coat of paints ends up with a hard finish which is more suitable at the heavy-use areas. Semi-gloss walls can be easily cleaned by using a duster, soap, and water. A single coat of this paint type can be a good cover to the wall and produces comparatively less shine than the full gloss paint.

Gloss Paint

Gloss paint finishing is again commonly used interior wall paint. It can be used on all walls. In spite of the fact, it is sparingly used on woodwork since they produce a higher level of shine. Often you will need to apply more than a single coat to get even coverage. Otherwise, it can highlight all the imperfections or spots on your walls.

Final Words

If you are struggling to find out the best type of paint finish for your residential project, reports and feedbacks are the most important and reliable source to follow. Based on your needs, focus on the factors like surface smoothening, resistance against mildew growth, resistance to staining, spots hiding performance, gloss alteration, etc. These features will help you determine the right paint.

Once you have made your decision on getting your house wall repainted, search out the ‘best interior painters near me’ who can get you the best instructions. Your house painting project could go messy and your untrained hands can result in a nightmare. So, before holding the project into your hands, collect as much knowledge as you can through various residential paint reviews and pick up the best paint option for your house.

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