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Step by Step Instructions You Need to Know to Win Powerball


Powerball is a US lottery that can be played online on portals like Lottoland. It is the first lottery game that uses two drums for drawing out winners. The first drum is used for the white balls and the second is for the red ball. This is where the name Powerball comes from. Winners are declared every Wednesday and Saturday and the draw takes place in Florida. Online players get intimated about the winning either by email or on the official website.

Lottoland offers a chance to play Powerball online from the convenience of your home. Powerball has seen numerous winners over the years and if you are looking forward to winning it, here are the step by step instructions that can help.

Investing in Powerball

A basic Powerball card comes within INR 200 and is very reasonable considering the final jackpot that can be won. Most international lotteries come with a higher price tag; however, Powerball is affordable and still offers a chance to win big. Considering the return on investment that it offers, it makes sense to invest in a Powerball ticket.

PowerPlay Option

The PowerPlay option allows you to invest an additional amount on top of the ticket value. This results in the value of the prize money getting multiplied by any value between two and five. This is applicable in case the matching numbers are lesser than 5 balls. If you win a jackpot that is lesser than the final jackpot value, a 10x multiplier is added to the same.

How to Play Powerball?

When you buy a Powerball ticket, you need to pick five numbers and one individual number, which is the Powerball number. You can pick these numbers manually by using your strategy or you can opt for the Powerball machine to pick, which chooses random numbers for you. Either option should lead you to a random number that is chosen from the entire set.

Order of Numbers

The order of the five numbers that you select will not affect your chances of winning since these are still matched individually. The single number has to be an exact match to the red ball number that is picked. The odds are high, but you can win if you apply consistency to your number strategy in all your games.

Powerball Multi-Draw

This option allows you to play the same number for 26 consecutive drawings, all at the same time. This way, you don’t have to miss out on any draw. Powerball also allows future drawing option that can be used on your Powerball ticket for playing on specific dates. If you believe that a specific date is lucky for you, you can fix this option so that you don’t miss out on the draw on that particular date.

There is no secret to winning the Powerball except that you need to be consistent with the play and you need to enjoy the game. If you are trying it out for the first time, you can also opt for lottery syndicates, which can help in improving your chances of winning.

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