Mi 10i – Unveiling Its Amazing Features

Mi 10i

Xiaomi has just announced the Mi 10i, a powerful Android smartphone in the Indian Market. It is an improved version of the existing Mi smartphones. Read through the article and learn about the features.

Specifications: The major highlights of the Mi 10i are the combination of a powerful chipset, an attractive design, and high resolution imaging sensors. The chipset is the MediaTek MT8 processors that are armed with the Mediatek technology for great performance. With this chipset, the power is up to 3 times more than the iPhone. The device runs on the powerful and high octa-core processor that provides great speed and performance. The built-in dual camera is also a remarkable feature of the Mi 10t lite.

Design And Look: The sleek looks of the Mi 10i are very trendy and it is the first smartphone from the new series that offers a metal body. The entire device looks really compact and it comes with an elegant design. Apart from the metal, the entire body is covered with a smooth leather material. The beautifully curved fingerprint scanner and the bright six megapixel camera located in the back give a feel of slickness.

Camera And Video: It comes with a wonderful camera that offers excellent pictures and videos. The front shooter has a fixed focal distance that ensures you get clear pictures. It is also capable of video recording at full 4K resolution. It has a single flash drive, so it is capable of saving the data easily. The Mi 10i is a wonderful mid-range smartphone that can be considered a high-end gadget.

Software And Support: The Mi 10i comes with a lot of features including plenty of storage space, professional-grade music player, a memory card slot, a virtual keyboard, an infrared sensor, a heart-rate monitor, a dual LED flashlight, a micro-USB slot for charging and data cable and many more features. There are loads of popular software packages from popular brands such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola. The microSD slot can be used to expand the memory of your smartphone. You can buy games and videos directly from the Play Store with the help of the Wi-Fi. The Mi 10i comes with a unique feature – the interactive mobile app store known as Mi Shopping.

Features And Performance: It is powered by the advanced Real Sense 3.5 technology that helps in providing excellent navigation and browsing experience to the users. It has a unique feature – the iris scanner that helps in clearing the lock screen. The Mi 10i comes with a heart rate monitor, a built-in isocell hm2 sensor, USB charging port, a memory card slot, a digital camera, a camcorder like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, or Motorola. It also comes with a notification LED notification system that lets you know about any incoming calls. The battery of the phone lasts for about ten hours. It has an intelligent voice dialer that learns from your conversations and suggest certain numbers for you.

In India, the Mi 10i comes for FREE with registration of new customers and they can avail various other gifts, incentives and free services as well. The phone comes with the most talked about handset – the augmented reality application, which means that the user can have his/ her own virtual personal assistant (known as “MI Personal Assistant” or” Mi AI assistant”). The other amazing feature is that apart from this, the Mi 10i comes with a host of information services like a weather forecast, the latest news, a transport line, a restaurant guide, a travel destination guide, a travel desk, a hotel finder, a movie guide, a finance guide, a currency exchange rate monitor and so on. With all these, what makes the Mi 10i unique is its “brainstorming” ability to understand the real-time needs of customers and then providing solutions to them almost instantly!

As a matter of fact, the Mi 10i is equipped with four high-end technologies that enable it to work like no other smartphone before it. It has a stunning, gorgeous display that makes it very eye catching and is made up of many advanced technologies including the Corning Gorilla glass that provides high resistance to scratches and stress while ensuring that the device does not break. The Mi 10i comes with a powerful octa-core processor that have the ability to provide extreme speeds and performances when it comes to browsing the internet, streaming videos, and enjoying games. Apart from this, the phone has a high definition video camera that offers crystal clear pictures even in low light situations and it also comes with a built-in data cable to connect it to the internet at high speed.

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