Magic bullet vs Ninja: Which One is Best for Your kitchen?

Magic bullet vs Ninja

Who doesn’t want to live a healthy life? But it is challenging nowadays. Because we are busy to earn money, not to take care of our-self.

We all need nutrients and protein to our body. How should we get it quickly? We will give you the best solution.

The good thing is now the blender is available in the market, which helps you to make smoothie or juice. But which one is best? It’s essential to pick up the right blender. There are too many blenders in the market which make you confused.

Now, we discuss the two best blenders at the present time. We did a depth analysis and a comparison of magic bullet vs ninja. 

Nutri Ninja Overview: 

Why you choose Ninja? It’s easy to make smoothies, grinding and blending with ninja. Do you know what the motor power of ninja is? The motor is 900 watts with 1.2 horsepower. Isn’t it great?

It can also handle frozen fruits and ice easily with this motor power. So you can use this blender as a substitute for ice blender.

The Ninja comes with three cups which helps blend, and you can also travel with it. The cups sizes are regular 24 Oz and small 18 Oz that’s BPA free.

What’s good about ninja is it’s compact. It’s also suitable for your kitchen. It takes a tiny space for your kitchen. It’s a new and attractive blender on the market. If you have a modern kitchen, the ninja is best for you.

Now, why you purchase a Ninja? It has a stainless steel blade which help to blend the food and extracts the necessary nutrients!! What can you do with the Nutri Ninja? You can make soup, coffee, teas, frozen fruit recipe and lots more things.

Magic Bullet Overview: 

It’s called magic bullet due to its magical speed. The size of the magic bullet is small, but it gives you a shock with the performance. However, it does a great job despite little in format. Here the size doesn’t matter!!

It can blend anything with is 250 watts’ motor. You may think is it enough to blend? If you look at the size of the magic bullet than 250 watts is super.

The function of the magic bullet is user-friendly. It’s easier to use than Nutri ninja.

You can also call it a portable blender. It is easy to carry on the gym. During travel we also need nutrient. You can take this blender with you and make a healthy smoothie during the trip smoothly. 

The Differences Between Magic Bullet and Nutri Ninja:

Power Comparison:

If you compare these two blenders than the winner is Nutri ninja. It has more power than a magic bullet, and it can grind anything. But if you look at the size of a magic bullet, then the power is good.


The motor power of Nutri ninja is 900 watt which can easily beat the magic bullet. Do you know what the benefits of having a good motor is? It will grind and chop anything you want faster!!

But magic bullet gives you something which you didn’t expect. The motor power of the magic bullet is 250 watts, and it can quickly grind anything!! When it comes to comparison, the winner is Nutri ninja.

Blade Comparison

The blade is an essential part of bullet blender. The blender performance and food texture totally depend on it.

There are two types of blade one is a flat blade, and another is an extraction blade. The flat blade helps to chop, grind the foods, but you will not get the nutrients from inside the foods.

The extraction blade not only blends and chop but also extract the nutrients from the foods. The most important thing about this blade you can clean it easily.

The powerful blender like Nutri ninja contains extraction blade. The magic bullet also contains the same blade. 

Design & Parts

Before choosing a blender, the design is crucial. Which model you will accept it merely depends on your test.

The magic bullet is a compact blender. If you have a small space for your house, this is the best choice for you. It’s also have 3cups and two blades, so it also fulfils your demand.

It’s made of plastic and the weight is 4.7 pounds, the height is 13.6 inches.

Many people are looking for a portable blender. Portable blenders are affordable and easy to carry.

The Nutri ninja is also small and compact, it will also take tiny space. It has only two cups which is 18 ounces and 24 ounces’ capacities.

It will not give you the extra blade so if you need one you have to purchase it.

Its also made of plastic but the plastic studier than the magic bullet. It’s heavier than magic bullet 7.7 pounds and height is 14 inches. I know its exceptionally tall, but it can easily fit in your kitchen. 

Final Verdict: Which one is better?

You can’t compare these two bullet-model because it has similar features. Nutri ninja has good motor power, a sturdy blade which makes it unique. We can say Nutri ninja won’t make you down!!

Are you looking for the best affordable blender at a low price? We can say the magic bullet is the best option for your kitchen. You can get a high profile feature with Nutri ninja, but the magic bullet gives you proper blending with low price. If anyone wants to save money and love travel, then a magic bullet is good for them.

Now which one you will choose it totally depends on your own preference and lifestyle. This two blender is designed to give you the best blending and comfort. So you can choose one which is fit with your experiences.

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