How To Test A 3 Wire Submersible Well Pump In 2021

Test-A 3-Wire Submersible Well Pump is one of the newest products in the well pumping market. It is basically an electric powered well pump which is equipped with three copper wire coils. These coils are designed in such a way that they can be twisted together and make a closed loop. In order to test this pump, you need to place the three copper wires in a well and then observe the water flowing through them. If you observe water dripping from any point of the wire then it is defective and has to be repaired or replaced.

It is a fact that most of the well pumps fail at the wire connection point. In order to detect such a failure you need a very sensitive tester. The sensitivity of these devices is determined by their sensitivity to electromagnetic field. Generally they are designed such that they do not get affected by electromagnetic fields of low frequency. In fact it is very difficult to notice the defect in these pumps.

If you wish to avoid the above mentioned testing procedure then you should always use a well pump manufactured by a well pumping company that uses high quality and anti-static material for the wire connections. These pumps also come with leak detectors which prevent the occurrence of excessive leakages. All in all, the quality of your pump greatly depends on its wire connections.

When the wire connections break down then the device stops working. This is one of the simplest tests you can perform on a well pump. All you have to do is place the well pump in a well and then monitor the situation. If the device suddenly stops working then you can conclude that there is some other internal damage which needs immediate repair.

You can open up the pump casing to find the main wire and the ground wire connected to the well pump. If you find any sign of wear and tear on either wire then you should replace them. On the other hand, if you find a complete loss of electricity inside the casing then the wires are too damaged to be reused. This situation should immediately send you to a repair company. It is advisable to avoid testing a well pump under such circumstances.

All the well pump manufacturers specify the minimum limit of the weight which should be attached to the wires so that you can determine whether the wire connections are working properly. However, if you feel that these limits are not met and the wire connections are in a dangerous position then you should remove the casing and look inside the well. Do not attempt to open the unit because chances are high that you might break some of the wires and cause severe damage to your device.

You have to test a 3-wire submersible well pump by reconnecting all the wires from the casing and plugging the casing back. After this test is done, look at the display board and find the maximum reading of water inside the reservoir. Once you get this maximum reading, you should reconnect the wiring to its respective terminal. However, if you find that there is still some electrical leak in the unit then you should consult a professional.

If you are planning to test a 3 wire submersible well pump at home, you can use an analog monitor for this purpose. However, if you are using a digital monitor then you should make sure that it is in perfect working condition before using it. If you are unable to do all the above-mentioned test then you should buy a water well pump machine to perform all the required tests for you. If you think that you are capable enough to perform all the required tests then you can even hire a professional to do the job for you.

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