How to Remove Chewing Gum From Your Clothing: 10 Proven Tips for You!

Want a more unpleasant situation than sitting on the pew, getting up and having a gum stuck in your pants pocket? Surely you have been through this or know someone who has passed. Or your son got excited about the candy, went to play with the gum and it stuck to all the clothes! It seems that all is lost. But today you will learn how to take bubble gum out of your clothes with these 10 techniques selected by Mr. Cleaning Services.

Does sticky gum have a solution?

hewing gum, also known as chewing gum, is nothing more than a rubber (synthetic or made from the latex of the chicle tree). In it are mixed sugars, colorings and other flavorings, which come loose in the mouth as we chew.

Did you know that this same rubber is used in tire tubes of cars, motorcycles and bicycles? That is, its main function is to paste – and paste well!

Desperation beats as gum sticks to clothes or even the sofa and furniture in the house. But as laborious as it may seem, it is possible to completely remove the gum from the fabric and even remove gum from the couch.

Check out several efficient techniques on how to get gum out of your clothes!

How to Take Chewing Gum From Your Clothes: 10 Unerring Techniques

If you need to figure out how to gum from jeans or how to take gum out of your backpack, for example, follow the tips below:

1. How to chew gum using ice

how to get gum out of clothes

The first technique we are going to teach on how to take gum out of clothes is already known by many people to be also effective for removing gum from hair.

The most effective technique to get the gum removed is to harden it. At low temperatures the chewing gum acquires a drier and solid consistency.

So rub an ice cube into the gum until it hardens. If you prefer, wear gloves for this procedure to protect your skin from possible frostbite.

You can also put the garment in a plastic bag and leave it in the freezer for two hours.

Then just scrape the gum off with the help of a spoon or a butter knife – the most delicate, without very large bristles.

Take extra care if the fabric of your clothing is more delicate, such as silk.

2. How to chew gum off with hot water 

Just as cold is one way to take bubble gum out of clothing, heat is also quite effective.

  • Boil water and fill a deep container;
  • Dip your clothes in hot water and let it act for a few minutes;
  • Using a cordless knife or toothbrush, rub and scrape the gum with the cloth still in the water;
  • Put clothes on to dry naturally. If not, repeat the procedure.

Do not do this technique if the fabric of your clothing is too delicate. Choose ice in this case or alcohol (step 9).

3.      How to remove chewing gum from ironing

Heat can work in a variety of ways to chew gum off clothes. With the iron, you remove everything quickly.

  • Place a cardboard under your clothes so that the gum is between the fabric and the cardboard.
  • At medium temperature, iron the area where the gum is located.
  • Repeat the procedure until the gum is transferred to the cardboard. It will stick together and be removed from your clothing.

4. How to chew gum using vinegar

The vinegar is also a great ally to remove gum from clothing.

The first step is to heat a glass of white vinegar in the microwave. Remove it before it boils.

Rub the vinegar over the gum with a toothbrush until it comes out completely.

Then wash your clothes normally to remove the smell of vinegar.

5. How to chew gum using lemon juice

how to get gum out of clothes

In a bucket full of water, squeeze half a lemon juice. Dip the garment in the bucket and let it act for a few minutes.

Then pass a cordless knife or spatula, scraping the gum until it is completely removed.

Finally, wash your clothes normally and allow them to dry.

6. How to chew gum using hairspray

Do you know that hairspray you or your mom has in the closet? It is also a great way to get gum out of your clothes.

This is because when applied directly to the gum, it makes the gum harden and come off more easily.

Then just scrape with the cordless knife, spatula or spoon.

7. Chewing Gum With Acetone

If you do not have hair spray at home, you can also use acetone. The product has the same effect on gum, making it hard and easy to remove.

Apply a small amount on top of the chewing gum, let it act for a few seconds and scrape. In some cases the gum comes off by scraping by hand without the need for a knife or other utensil.

Once removed, wash clothing by hand or machine to remove acetone.

8. How to chew gum using eucalyptus oil

Another very effective product to remove gum from clothing is eucalyptus oil.

Dampen a clean cloth in the oil and rub it over the gum for a few minutes until it completely comes out of the laundry.

If the cloth is not sufficient, scrape with a cordless knife and reapply eucalyptus oil if necessary.

9. How to chew gum using alcohol

If gum is stuck to very delicate clothes, a good technique is to use alcohol. After all, it does not stain the garment, does not remove the color of the fabric nor does it damage.

With a cotton, clean cloth or sponge, apply the alcohol on the chewing gum until it hardens. This will take a few minutes.

Then, just scrape the gum with the cordless knife, just like the other procedures.

10. How to chew gum using silvertape

how to get gum out of clothes

The last technique we are going to teach is how to get gum out of your clothes with a silvertape. This is that very tough tape used in home repairs.

Wait until the gum gets a little older, not so sticky.

Cut a piece of tape that will completely cover the chewing gum area and still stick to the fabric. Stick it tightly on clothing and remove completely. She should be out with her gum sticking together.

So, did you get the gum out of your clothes? Mr. Cleaning Services specializes in cleaning and always brings tips on how to keep your clothes, furniture and upholstery clean and smelling!

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