How to Make Healthy Meal on Your New Indoor Grill?

Indoor grilling is an important part of the cooking apparatus for many restaurants. Grilling is an art and a form of cooking that requires a perfect blend of skills. In grilling, the dry heat is applied over the surface of the food that quickly adds the smoky flavour to it. Indoor grilling is the most recommended method of cooking of vegetables and meat.

Types of indoor grill:

There are two types of indoor grills. These types are given below:

  1. Contact grill: The contact grill contains two grilling plates and there is no requirement of flipping the food items. It traps the heat that gives the Smokey flavour to the food items. It is most preferred because it gives the perfect frilled looks and authentic taste to the food.
  2. Open grill: the open grill contains only one grilling plate on which food is cooked only from one side. To cook the food from the other side, it needs to be flipped.

You can cook the meat in the same way on the Indoor grill as you can cook on the outdoor grill. On the indoor grill, you will be able to Healthy meal on the indoor grill

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There are some tricks required for proper grilling on the indoor grilling to get a healthy meal. Some of them are given below:

  • Size of the portion: the portion size is the first tip that applies to all the frilling options. If your portion size is out of control then you cannot expect to eat healthy items and probably lose weight. Keep this thing in mind that while reducing the fat in the meat itself, you need to put the size of your portion on the lighter side.
  • Grilling steak properly: while buying the steak from the store, pick the lean, flavorful options having approx. 155 calories for 3 ounces of meat such as New York strip, Sirloin, and various others. Take some time to prepare the steak before putting it on the grill. Fat around the piece of the meat needs to be trimmed off. This will be reducing the amount of fat you are consuming and thus will be healthier for Meat should be tenderized before placing in the grill if it tends to be tough. A marinade is the best way of ensuring that the meat is tender after cooking. For marinating one should use the lemon and virgin olive oil as the primary ingredients for providing the healthy oils in your diet.
  • Traditional burgers: To enjoy the grilled burger on the indoor grill, it can be cooked with a lean hamburger. The seasonings used will account for the calorie counts. So it is suggested to use the dry seasoning that will reduce the number of calories in your food. Add the vegetables and onions for a great burger after the meat is cooked completely. The Grill will reduce the fat content as the oil used for greasing is dripped off from the tray.
  • Pork grilling: The cut of pork which has “Loin” in the name is having less amount of fat. To cite an example we have pork tenderloin which is one of the leanest parts of the meat. Prepare the chopped pork at the night before you need to make the meal. The indoor grill is a great idea for quick meals. You can simply marinate the pork overnight and then the next day place it on the grill.
  • Lamb on the grill: Lamb is a slice of red meat and depending on the type of cut it can be lean to varying degrees. The calorie count is also dependent on the marinate amount and type. Use the marinades that use a vinaigrette type of sauces in place of the butter-based sauce. For using the flavours that are high calories you will have to cut the calories from other places.
  • Grilling healthy chicken: You can easily get the chicken without skin from the supermarket otherwise you will have to remove the skin manually before putting it on the grill. Chicken meats require a lot of added flavours. So you can use a lot of herbs and spices along with the garlic and

The indoor grill is amazing tool that is used in the kitchens for cooking healthy and protein-rich diets. Such diets are great for those who seek to lose weight or love bodybuilding. For a healthy body and to be fit in shape you must tend to eat more healthy food. Thus indoor grill can be used in several kitchen recipes that involve both meat and vegetables. The major benefit of using the indoor grill is that it will trap the heat and retains the healthy juices and essential nutrients of the food while cooking.

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