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How to Decorate and Design your Living Room?


Your living room is the most important thing in your house. It is that space where you will host guests, parties or, will sit with your kids and family to relax and chit chat. A living room is a perfect place to make memories with your extended family and friends. Our bedroom and guest rooms are private space, but the living room is one place where you can share drinks and fries and stories with everyone.

That is why it is crucial to design the living room such that it is comfortable, cozy with lots of space and colors and design. In this blog, we will learn some cool tips that will help you design your living room yourself with no extra help.

Tip 1: Best ways to arrange the furniture

Function of the living room: The first tip for designing your living room is to determine the function of that space. Whether you want the living room to have enough space for your kids so that they can play there. Or you want to arrange the furniture in a way that the place is apt for holding parties and family get-to-together. The function of the room can influence your designs, and it should be your focus too.

If your living space has a natural focus point like a fireplace or a great view of the mountain, arrange the furniture near it. If it doesn’t, create one like the color a wall with bright paints or use a big art and place furniture there. If your living room is big, consider dividing it into areas. It will help you dedicate one area for kids and other for relaxing with friends and family.

No furniture near the entrance: Don’t put any furniture or plants near the main entrance of the living room.  It will make it difficult for people to enter, especially if the space is too congested.

Room for walking: When arranging furniture in your living space, make sure there is enough space for guests to walk. You don’t want them or yourself to zig-zag through the little space between the furniture, have proper space for walking.

Tip 2: Lightning

Have layers of light: Your living room should have a good source of natural lighting and make sure that you let that light comes in. But don’t just rely on that. Use multiple layers of lights so that you have a good balance and different lights enhance the room.

So, use ceiling lights of different colors –white, warm, blue are some of the most sought after ceiling lights. Also, combine these ceiling lights with table lamps or floor lamps, or hanging lamps, scones or chandelier.  You can also use tall lights to give the allusion of a high ceiling.

Get a dimmer: Adding a dimmer to your light switches is a great option. It will help you change the look of the room and add more personality to a [articular occasion.

The lights should match the function of the room: You can divide your room and put light accordingly. If you like working in the living room, have a lamp nearby. Or if you watch a lot of TV, use lights that don’t strain your eyes.

Tip 3: Decor ideas

Use mirrors: Adding a mirror can increase the visual space of your room, especially in a small area. You can use titled mirror for providing a laid-back look for your room.

Use rugs: Rugs not only keep your floor warm but also adds a charm to your room. So, choose a rug that goes with the color and theme of your furniture and room. Buy a big rug, otherwise, your room will look small. Also, keep the edges of the rug away from the entrance, as people can trip on the edges.

Use lush green plants: You can add fake or real lush green leaves or plants in an unused corner of your room. It brings greenery to the room and makes it more fresh and natural.

Painted brick fireplace: If you have a brick fireplace, give it a new look by painting it cream or any color that complements the furniture.

Wall hanging: Buy some beautiful pieces of art to hang on your wall. It can be modern art or ancient paintings but buy something that enhances the decor of your living room. Or you can also design amazing poster by own and hang them.

Add metallic decor pieces: Add some shiny decorative pieces made out of copper and slate. They go extremely well with wooden furniture.

Streamlined screen: For people, who have a TV in their living room; make it as thin as possible. Buy a big slim TV and use a thin wall mount to hang it. Hide the wires inside, so that it doesn’t feel cluttered and interfere with your decor.

I hope these tips will enhance your living room’s decor.

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